Ramez (city)

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  City of Gerenia  
Nickname(s): Torch City
Location within Mainland Gerenia
Coordinates: Template:Coord/display/inline,title
Nation Gerenia Gerenia
Province Ramez Ramez
District Maiŷnat
Founded 2012
Population (2018)
 • Total 156,400
 • Rank 4th
Area code(s) 605

Ramez (pronunciation [rɐ'mɛθ]) is a Gerenian city located south-west of Port Elerat, and the fourth largest city in Gerenia with a population of about 154,000 in 2017. Ramez is the capital city of the province of the same name.


The name of the city has nothing to do with Proto-Gerenian word ramez, which means poison, but it is the surname of the city's founder, José Ramez.


The land where Ramez is now located was originally purchased from Lord Isherwood by José Francisco Ramez upon foundation of the Gerenian Colony of New Calarma (Gerenia's claim in Micras). The town rapidly started to grow boosted by the expansion of neighbouring Port Isherwood (now Port Elerat). The very first paved road in Gerenia reached Ramez from Port Isherwood soon afterwards.


Ramez is in a strategic location as it connects the cities of Port Elerat, Mergeazes, Taizun and Klämen with one another. The Ramez City Central Station is the third largest in Gerenia, and a main attraction.