Gerenia Stadium

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Gerenia Stadium
Gerenia Stadium.png
Location Balnida, Gerenia
Broke ground 2015
Built 2016
Opened May 2016
Owner SZG
Surface Grass
Capacity 64,370
Record attendance 58,740
(Ramez White Stars v International, 21 May 2016)
Field dimensions 116x82m
Gerenia national football team

Gerenia Stadium is a football stadium located in Balnida, Erstveda, Gerenia. It is the home ground of the men's national football team.

The stadium was built between 2015 and 2016 to host the home games of the national team and other important matches. The Gerenia Stadium was inaugurated on 21 May 2016, when it hosted the 2016 Champions' Cup between Ramez White Stars and KP International. Before the stadium was opened, the national team usually played its home games at International Sports Centre in Port Elerat.


The all-seater stadium has a capacity for 64,370 supporters, which makes it the largest football stadium in Gerenia.

The natural grass turf was made up of a modular system that features built-in irrigation and drainage. The pitch itself was laid on top of a number of pallets that can be moved so the stadium can be used for concerts, exhibitions and other events.

The four ends of the ground are called the Apollonia Stand, the Eagles' Stand, the South Stand, and the Blue and White Stand. The stadium has three tiers of seating with the exception of the Eagles' Stand, which has two tiers. The lower tier holds approximately 21,000 spectators, the middle tier holding 16,000 and the upper tier holding 27,000 spectators.

Further development of the stadium is expected. A retractable roof will be added in the summer of 2017, along with a system to add seats and increase capacity, if needed.