International Sports Centre

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International Sports Centre
The White Field
International Sports Centre at night.png
The stadium during a League 1 match between International SC and Gerze FC, August 2012
Location Port Elerat, Gerenia
Broke ground 2011
Built 2012
Opened August 2012
Owner KP International
Operator KP International
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Two
Construction cost GSR 35,000,000
Capacity 33,140
Record attendance 35,335
(Gerenia v Safiria, 17 January 2013)
Field dimensions 112x75m
KP International
Gerenia national football team

International Sports Centre is a multi-purpose stadium located in Port Elerat, Gerenia. The stadium was completed in 2012 to host both KP International and Gerenia national football team home matches. With a capacity of 33,140, the stadium is the largest in Gerenia. However, it is going to be expanded during 2013, and a retractable roof will be added.



The primary usage of the stadium is football: matches of both the Gerenian League 1 and the 2012–13 Gerenian AEFA Champions' League qualification tournament have been played at the Centre.

International Sports Centre is the home of League 1 side KP International since its opening in August 2012. The Gerenian Football Association chose the stadium to host the national team matches later that year.

Gerenia played their home matches of the 2013 Four Nations Internationals at the stadium. As they failed to reach the final, the International Sports Centre was designated to host the final match between Safiria and Senya on January 20th, 2013.

The Sports Centre has also hosted amateur baseball games before the Southern Ballpark was built, and some rugby union matches, the most notable of them being an exhibition match of the national team against Calbion in February, 2013.

Other uses

The stadium contains 5,000 m2 of exhibition space, allowing it to host a variety of events year-round. In December of each year, the stadium hosts the League 1 Award ceremony for football in Gerenia.

In addition to being a venue that hosts sports, concerts and other events, the Sports Centre also houses the head offices of a number of organisations, including the headquarters of the Sports Association of the province of Isherwood. International SC have its office headquarters located in the building, as well.

Attendance records

The attendance record at the International Sports Centre is 35,335 set on 17 January, 2012, when Gerenia played Safiria for the 2013 Four Nations Internationals.

Before that game, the record was of 33,214, set when International played KPSK Isherwood for the 2012 Gerenian National Cup semi-finals. The highest attendances coincide with each Isherwood derby played at the stadium between International and Isherwood, and the national team matches.

On September 19, 2012, almost 31,000 people saw the 2012–13 AEFA Champions' League Qualifiers final between Mayfield Bazree AC and Ramez City White Stars, which the latter won 2–1.

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