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Calbion national rugby union team

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Calbion Calbion
Nickname(s) The Dragons
Association CRU
Head Coach Calbion Richard Coughlin
Captain Ryan Hawkins
Top point-scorer Michael Thomas (9)
Home stadium Dragonfort Stadium, Pentyre
First international
Gerenia Gerenia 25–13 Calbion Calbion
Biggest win
Calbion Calbion 25–8 Mercury Mercury
Biggest defeat
Gerenia Gerenia 25–13 Calbion Calbion

The Calbain national rugby union team is the representative side of Calbion in rugby union. It is administered by the Calbain Rugby Union. Calbion is a member of the MRU


The team was created in February 2013, when talks began about running a Rugby Union World Cup. Although that project aroused very little interest, the then Jingdaoese autonomous region of Calbion and the nation of Gerenia arranged two friendly matches between their respective sides.

The first friendly was played at the International Sports Centre, in Port Isherwood, with Gerenia defeating Calbion by 25–13.[1] Five days later, Calbion beat Gerenia 20–9 at the Caerdragon Stadium in Pentyre[2].

The national team also played friendlies against Mercury and Birgeshir.


Calbion has used the following flag during the entirety of its existence:



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