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Eastern stands of the stadium
Full name Istal Somgertätnetoles
Location Tawlkar, Gerenia
Broke ground 2011
Built 2012
Opened 2012
Owner Tawlkar Astros
Operator Istal Somgertätnetoles ltd
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Two
Construction cost GSR 44,158,000
Capacity 20,135
Record attendance 18,750
(Tawlkar Astros v Mayfield Bazree AC, 8 September 2012)
Field dimensions 108x73m
Tawlkar Astros

Somgertätnetoles (English: National Sovereignty) is an outdoor stadium located in the western area of Tawlkar, Gerenia. Somgertätnetoles' tenant is football club Tawlkar Astros, though GKS Tawlkar and Gerze FC played several of their matches at the stadium due to theirs being under construction.

The stadium has permanent seating for over 20,000, but can hold more with temporary seating. On September 8, 2012, the record for largest crowd to attend a regular-season Astros home game was set at 18,750 against Mayfield Bazree AC. The stadium is the fourth largest in permanent capacity in Gerenia.

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