KSP 21 de Agosto

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KSP 21 de Agosto
21 De Agosto badge.png
Full name Kloz Sokales Padates "21 De Agosto"
Nickname(s) The Drill
Founded 2012
Dissolved 2018
Ground Estadio 13 De Noviembre
(capacity: 14,500)
President Adalbert Selîn
Head coach Gerenia Ismael Kaprari
League Gerenian League 2
2013–14 2nd
21 De Agosto kit.png

KSP 21 De Agosto (English: August 21st Sport and Social Club) was a Gerenian football club based in the city of Port Elerat, which competed in Gerenian League 1. The manager was Ismael Kaprari and the club played its home matches at the Estadio 13 De Noviembre (English: Thirteenth of November Stadium).


21 De Agosto was founded by members of the Spanish-speaking community of Port Elerat in 2012. The club was named after the date of reform of the Constitution of Gerenia (21 August 2012). Soon afterwards, and thanks to the increase of the number of Gerenian clubs, 21 De Agosto joined the Gerenian League 2 for its very first season. The team finished second in the Stage One, having lost only one match, and eventually obtaining impressing results (5–2 to KZ Uzenaie Mergeaze'es, 4–1 to Taizun Optimistid). In those days, it began being said that 21 De Agosto "drilled" their opponents' defence, with midfielder Oskar Silistra (a former ironmonger) leading the team. Thus, 21 De Agosto earned the nickname "The Drill". The Drill was promoted to the League 1 at mid-season, as the league was expanded from six to eight teams. Their experience in the top league was brief, since they were relegated at the end of the season. However, after one season in the League 2 (in which they were runner-up), the club returned to the top division.


Final 2018 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Gerenia GK Diego Čaper
2 Gerenia DF Marîn Krguras
3 Gerenia DF Koren Ark
4 Gerenia DF Arghel Loret
5 Gerenia MF Marssel Sterzan
6 Gerenia DF Karl Detčans
7 Gerenia MF Julian Rivada (c)
8 Gerenia MF Oskar Silistra
9 Gerenia FW Martin Lew
10 Gerenia FW Albert Notarantan
11 Gerenia FW Peder Hudson
12 Gerenia MF Ábelder Noya
13 Gerenia FW Marsel Baumane
No. Position Player
14 Gerenia FW Peder Ŷezer
15 Gerenia DF Gebreel Bränes
16 Gerenia FW Isaia Sames
17 Gerenia DF Hirgan Arve
18 Gerenia GK Enver Hiks
19 Gerenia MF Gheren Tavian
20 Gerenia MF Fabio Kapdepont
21 Gerenia DF Marîn Rankke
22 Gerenia MF Ánghel Perdan
23 Gerenia MF Arien Honau
24 Gerenia GK Imre Galare
25 Gerenia MF Pavel Ferran
26 Gerenia DF Länar Marenau


A model of the Estadio 13 de Noviembre

Until the Estadio 13 De Noviembre was built, 21 De Agosto played their home matches at Glaxo Sports Complex. The building costs (estimated in 25,000,000 GSR) were covered by the Ministry for Sport of Gerenia, as well as by donations made by enterprises and supporters. The stadium, located in the southern Port Elerat suburb of Seerom opened on January 2014.

The stadium was named after the planned date of opening (13 November 2013), and in commemoration of the Great Fire of Port Isherwood, the city's biggest fire of its entire history. 21 De Agosto's supporters call themselves "Thirteeners" by reason of the ground's name.