2018 Gerenian National Cup

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The 2018 Gerenian National Cup is the seventh edition of the Gerenian National Cup, the most important cup competition in Gerenia. The Cup is being contested by the 32 teams of the three top tiers of the Gerenian football league system, the best three teams of the 2018 Gerenian Provincial Leagues' Championship, and the winners of the 2018 Aspirants' Cup.

Preliminary round

The teams qualifying through the Gerenian Provincial Leagues' Championship or the Aspirants' Cup played against the teams that finished in 5th and 6th place in their respective Gerenian League 3 conferences.

Team 1   Agg.   Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg  
KP Maiŷnates MK Árnike
KP Tálandor Ladeerukes Maremedre'es
SP Kristal Geldar Pilakiles
KZ Netoles KS Rasduk

Round of 32

Team 1   Agg.   Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg  
NZ Glaxo KP Celdar
Ramez White Stars Sehgie Tawlkares
KZ Santamarina Winner play-off 4
KSP 21 de Agosto Snirevästeres
KZ Elerat Kad KZK Gentóul
KA Bazree Mäeklenes KZ Eden
KPSK Isherwood KZ Gerze
Dínamo Tawlkar Winner play-off 3
KZ Bareki Victories Winner play-off 2
KZ Clementsgrad KP Čirona
KPL Tawlkares Elektron Victoria
KP International Winner play-off 1
KZ Samarne Arsenal
Sekiral Erstvedes Linas et Rabet
Taizun Optimistid KZ Kadine Vanst
KZ Uzenaie Mergeaze'es KZS Iele

Round of 16

Team 1   Agg.   Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg  


Team 1   Agg.   Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg  


Team 1   Agg.   Team 2   1st leg     2nd leg