KZ Kadine Vanst

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KZ Kadine Vanst
KV badge.png
Full name Kloz Zóutbawes "Kadine Vanst"
Founded 2013
Dissolved 2018
Ground Kadine Vanst City Stadium
(capacity: 7,900)
President Andres Alen
Head coach Oskar Praŷare
League Gerenian League 2

KZ Kadine Vanst was a Gerenian football club based in the city of Kadine Vanst, which competed in Gerenian League 2.


Kadine Vanst was founded in mid-2012 as "Kadine Vanst Football Club", just before the beginning of the Barzat League's 2012 season, which won with ease. The club later applied for SZG affiliation, and was allowed to compete in the 2013–14 season of the Gerenian League 3. Kadine Vanst defeated Santamarina FC from Tániz in the final, and thus were promoted to the Gerenian League 2.


Final 2018 squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Gerenia GK Osmar Gatavare (c)
2 Gerenia DF Härman Abal
3 Gerenia DF Viktor Sihenn
4 Gerenia DF Gustav Liäna
5 Gerenia MF Rikard Balrom
6 Gerenia MF Olivier Salat
7 Gerenia MF Valentîn Deisul
8 Gerenia MF Äder Kosko
9 Gerenia FW Aleksander Deroge
10 Gerenia FW Armand Forey
11 Gerenia FW Andres Nesaroy
12 Gerenia GK Daniel Darakt
No. Position Player
13 Gerenia MF Adolf Börč
14 Gerenia FW Ignas Cirut
15 Gerenia DF Ignas Keln
16 Gerenia DF Ernest Minsal
17 Gerenia DF Länar Misdelîn
18 Gerenia MF Mikkel Rondo
19 Gerenia DF Tirens Selîn
20 Gerenia MF Tadeus Väls
21 Gerenia GK Sebastian Suruve
22 Gerenia MF Marssel Mistare
23 Gerenia MF Pavel Žegare
24 Gerenia FW Karl Selave