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Vegno national football team

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Vegno Vegno
Logo of the Vegno national football team
Nickname(s) I Cormorani
The Cormorants
Gli Azzurri
The Blues
Association FCV
FMF member 2022–
Confederation AEFA
Head coach Vegno Agostino Conti
Captain Paolo Vassena
Top scorer Anthony Boretto (5)
Home stadium Sant Giuann Stadium
FMF code VEG
FMF ranking 26°
Highest FMF ranking 26° (24/06/22)
First FMF intermicronational
Pacary Pacary 0–3 Vegno Vegno
Biggest win
Pacary Pacary 0–3 Vegno Vegno
Krasnovlac Krasnovlac 0–3 Vegno Vegno
Biggest defeat
Floria Floria 5–2 Vegno Vegno

The Vegno national football team is the football team which represents the micronation of Vegno. It is a member of the AEFA, and is run by the FCV.


The team was founded in early 2022 after Vegno's Micrasian claim was successful. The team's first participation was in the friendly tri-series tournament in Krasnovlac, against fellow FMF newcomers Krasnovlac and Pacary, which Vegno successfully won after two victories.

Chronological competitive participation

Team image


The team's crest was created in 2022 by the FCV following the foundation of the team to become the first official symbol of the Vegnese national side. The crest's design includes the flag of Vegno with the cormorant, the name of the nation and the abbreviation of the Vegnese football association, the Federazione Calcistica del Vegno.

Used: 2022–


The first home and away kits of the Vegno national team were presented in April 2022, just before the beginning of the 2022 Krasnovlac Tri-Nations Series, the first matches for the team. The predominant colour of the home shirt is blue, with the names and numbers of players in white, while the shorts are orange, representing the colours of the Vegnese flag, though there is also the possibility that the shorts could also be white. The away kit is, on the other hand, totally white, with numbers and names of players in blue.

Used: 2022–
Period Kit manufacturer
2022– Vegno Alberobianco


Current squad

No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Anthony Malvicino 29 Vegno Sancrus FC
2 3DF Iuri Coscelli 27 Vegno Agropl Rhyno
3 3DF Matteo Castellano 28 Vegno US Puri Agropl
4 3DF Alvise Oviszach 25 Vegno Cossa United
5 3DF Corrado Cavadini 27 Vegno Sancrus FC
6 5MF Adolfo Braccini 29 Vegno AS Virtus Glovetese
7 5MF Giuseppe Aprile 26 Vegno US Puri Agropl
8 5MF Gaetano Tosi 27 Vegno Sancrus FC
9 7FW Paolo Vassena (c) 30 Vegno Sancrus FC
10 7FW Anthony Boretto 28 Vegno Sancrus FC
11 7FW Rosario Bonotto 24 Vegno Atletico Mhazar
12 1GK Christopher Cavallari 27 Vegno AS Virtus Glovetese
13 3DF Emanuele Lusetti 23 Vegno Agropl Rhyno
14 1GK Emanuele Pagliuca 17 Vegno Agropl Rhyno
15 3DF Michele Spanu 17 Vegno U.S. Città di Murgione
16 5MF Federico Borla 25 Vegno Atletico Mhazar
17 5MF Danilo Mannino 27 Vegno Atletico Mhazar
18 5MF Riccardo Cappiello 29 Vegno Atletico Mhazar
19 5MF Gaetano Bresciani 27 Vegno Agropl Rhyno
20 7FW Nicolò Gualtieri 27 Vegno AS Virtus Glovetese
21 5MF Massimo Michelini 26 Vegno Sancrus FC
22 7FW Sandro Autiero 27 Vegno Atletico Mhazar
23 3DF Andrea Gaggiano 24 Vegno Atletico Mhazar

Player records

Caps Record Goals Record Captain-caps Record
Pos. Player Period Caps Goals Pos. Player Period Goals Caps Goals/caps Pos. Player Captain Caps
1 1 Anthony Boretto 2022- 5 3 1,66 1 Paolo Vassena 3
2 2 Rosario Bonotto 2022- 1 3 0,33 2
3 3 Paolo Vassena 2022- 1 3 0,33 3
4 4 4
5 4 5
5 6 6
7 6 7
8 6 8
9 9 9
10 9 10



Vegno has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: