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Vegno FCV
Logo of the FCV
Founded 2022
Headquarters Cossa, Vegno
FMF affiliation 2022
AEFA affiliation 2022
President Vegno Manuele Cocci

The Federazione Calcistica del Vegno (English: Vegnese Football Federation), more commonly referred to as the FCV, is the national football association of Vegno. It is responsible for the organisation of the national team and the Campionato Vegnese di Calcio.


The Federation was founded in 2022, with the election of the first President: Manuele Cocci, who will keep the presidency of the FCV for the first 2 years, at the end of which there will be the first elections of a new president.

The First Championship Organization

At the end of March 2022, the first 8 teams from Vegno met to organize the first championship in the history of Vegno: Atletico Mhazar, Sancrus FC, AS Virtus Glovetese, U.S. Città di Murgione, US Puri Agropl, Agropl Rhyno, F.C. Cossa Perfection and Cossa United formed the first 8-team championship.

Given the start of the first season only at the end of March, it was decided that the first championship would only last for 14 matches, ending at the end of May, to align with the AEFAchampionships and start the next one in September 2022.

In any case, the first championship would still have awarded the title of "Campione del Vegno" ("Champion of Vegno").

2022-23 Changes

In a meeting at the end of April 2022, the admission to the FCV of 8 other teams that had formed during the first championship, which had expressed their willingness to participate in the championship of Vegnese, although not in the one already in progress, was ratified.

Their admission and the expansion of the championship to 16 teams was thus ratified, which officially changed its name to "Lega A", which now provides for a championship with 16 teams, with round-trip matches and a duration of 31 matches. This denomination has been taken into consideration in view of the imminent formation of a "Lega B Vegnese", which from now on will gather all the teams who subsequently wish to enroll in professional football in Vegno and will represent the second level of Vegnese football. The number of teams and promotions-relegations will be decided subsequently on the basis of the number of subscriptions collected for the Lega B.