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2022–23 Bonfire Cup

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Bonfire Cup
Season 2022-23
Champions Sancrus FC (2nd title)
Matches played 66
Goals scored 158 (2.39 per match)
Top goalscorer Krasnovlac Jordan Yewsmikel (5)

The 2022-23 Bonfire Cup is the 2nd edition of the top Vegnese football domestic cup, which takes place between September 2022 and June 2023.

All teams of the Lega A Vegnese, Lega B Vegnese and Lega C Vegnese will participate, and they will face each other in a dry race until the final.

Sancrus FC wins the tournament after beating AS Virtus Glovetese 4-3 on penalties, after a 3-3 in regulation and extra-time, as happened the previous year.

This is the second consecutive trophy for Sancrus FC, which remains the only and most titled team in Vegno, although no championship, with two Bonfire Cups and a Supercoppa.

Format and seeding

Teams entered the competition at various stages, as follows:

  • First phase (one-legged fixtures)
    • 1st qualifying round round: all 32 teams of Lega C face each other in a dry match.
    • 2ns qualifying round: 16 qualified teams plus the 16 teams from Lega B
    • 3rd qualifying round: the 16 winner teams plus 8 teams from Lega A Vegnese
    • 4th qualifying round: 16 winner teams plus 2 teams randomly revived from last stage
  • Second phase
    • Round of 16
    • Quarter finals
    • Semi-finals (played in two legs)
    • Final (from this year a single match played in neutral Stadio San Giuann)

First phase

1st qualifying round

Home Team Score Away Team
Novy Castello (C/north) 1–0 Fidelis Pomo D'Oro (C/sud)
FC Cucchiarella (C/nort) 0–2 Pro Verbio (C/sud)
Villamagna FC (C/south) 1–1 (p) Rossoblù Scanzata (C/sud)
Zazizza FC (C/south) 1–0 Scorreggese (C/nord)
FC Soppressata (C/south) 1–0 Pioggia FC (C/nord)
Virtus Motta Follonica (C/north) 3–0 Scorreggia Vestita (C/north)
SS Girolamo (C/north) 3–0 Puponi FC (C/south)
Pro Volone (C/south) 1–0 US Peppozzo (C/south)
Timponebruno (C/north) 0–2 Collegio San Rossore (C/north)
AS Marinai (C/north) 4–1 San Giuann (C/north)
SC Giallume (C/north) 5–0 US Tappo di Buttigghia (C/south)
Ansia Nord (C/south) 3–0 Prato Calcio (C/north)
AC Ansiogena (C/south) (p) 2–2 SA Lamino (C/north)
Valenterosa FC (C/north) 1–0 Calcio Struzzo (C/south)
AS Brando (C/south) (p) 1–1 Gorria Calcio (C/south)
Tripettesse (C/south) 3–0 La Verde (C/north)

2nd qualifying round

Home Team Score Away Team
Atletico Reccetta (B) 2–1 Tripettesse (C/south)
Crati Calcio (B) 4–1 Valenterosa FC (C/north)
Padarese FC (B) 0–1 Rossoblù Scanzata (C/sud)
SS Sassomasso (B) 2–0 SS Girolamo (C/north)
SS Vazio (B) 2–0 AS Brando (C/south)
Folgore Colle Gioioso (B) 2–1 Quattromiglia Calcio (B)
Internazionale Raganello (B) 2–1 Collegio San Rossore (C/north)
KS Mroz (B) 2–0 Uvbe Voma (B)
Unione Panolese (B) 3–0 SC Giallume (C/north)
Polisportiva Stombi (B) 3–0 Pro Verbio (C/sud)
Gimbronese (B) 2–0 Zazizza FC (C/south)
AC Panoli (B) 0–2 (a.e.t.) AS Marinai (C/north)
Virtus Virtola (B) 0–1 FC Soppressata (C/south)
Belvedere Calcio (B) 2–1 Pro Volone (C/south)
Novy Castello (C/north) (p) 1–1 Virtus Motta Follonica (C/north)
AC Ansiogena (C/south) 1–2 Ansia Nord (C/south)

3rd qualifying round

Home Team Score Away Team
U.S. Città di Murgione (A) 2–1 Atletico Reccetta (B)
Extremum FC (A) 2–1 Crati Calcio (B)
Lamino FC (A) 2–0 SS Sassomasso (B)
Pescevilla Calcio (A) 0–1 Rossoblù Scanzata (C/sud)
US Taurasi Calcio (A) 1–0 SS Vazio (B)
Rino-Rino (A) 0–1 Folgore Colle Gioioso (B)
Capolanzese FC (A) 1–0 AS Marinai (C/north)
AS Villanova Calcio (A) 2–0 Internazionale Raganello (B)
FC Soppressata (C/south) 0–1 KS Mroz (B)
Unione Panolese (B) 2–0 Polisportiva Stombi (B)
Gimbronese (B) 0–1 Novy Castello (C/north)
Belvedere Calcio (B) 2–0 Ansia Nord (C/south)

4th qualifying round

Home Team Score Away Team
KS Mroz (B) 1–0 Unione Panolese (B)
Lamino FC (A) 0–0 pen. Rossoblù Scanzata (C/sud)
U.S. Città di Murgione (A) 1–0 Novy Castello (C/north)
US Taurasi Calcio (A) 2–0 Belvedere Calcio (B)
Capolanzese FC (A) 2–1 AS Villanova Calcio (A)
Extremum FC (A) 1–0 Rino-Rino (A)1
Folgore Colle Gioioso (B) 2–0 Pescevilla Calcio (A)1

1Folliwing teams were revived to the next round due to complete the scoreboard.

2nd phase


  Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Sancrus FC 3  
 Novy Castello 1 2  
   Sancrus FC 3  
   Agropl Rhyno 1  
 Agropl Rhyno 2
 Capolanzese FC 0  
   Sancrus FC 4  
   US Puri Agropl 1  
 US Puri Agropl    
 Folgore Colle Gioioso 2  
   US Puri Agropl 1 (pen.)
   Hellas Scanzata 1  
 Hellas Scanzata 2
 KS Mroz 1  
   Sancrus FC 3 (p)
   AS Virtus Glovetese 3
 AS Virtus Glovetese 2  
 Rossoblù Scanzata 1  
   AS Virtus Glovetese 3
   Extremum FC 1  
 Atletico Mhazar 0
 Extremum FC 2  
   AS Virtus Glovetese 2
   F.C. Cossa Perfection 1  
 Cossa United 3  
 U.S. Città di Murgione 0  
   Cossa United 0
   F.C. Cossa Perfection 2  
 F.C. Cossa Perfection 3
 US Taurasi Calcio 0  

Match details

Round of 16

14 January 2023
Sancrus FC 3 – 2 Novy Castello
Yewsmikel Goal 3' Goal 5' Goal 54' Sacko Goal 48'

Petrucci Goal 63'

13 January 2023
US Puri Agropl 3 a.e.t. – 2 Folgore Colle Gioioso
Dragoni Goal 37' Goal 52'

Crestani Goal 98'

Stepino Goal 22' (pen.)

Agiapo Goal 49'

13 January 2023
Hellas Scanzata 2 – 1 KS Mroz
Bonino Goal 12'

CoppolaGoal 5'

Garritano Goal 16'

13 January 2023
AS Virtus Glovetese 2 – 1 Rossoblù Scanzata
Mannino Goal 56'

Lupini Goal 63'

Messia Goal 70'

Quarter Finals

27 January 2023
Sancrus FC 3 – 1 Agropl Rhyno
Pandolfi Goal 14' (pen.) Goal 37'

Vassena Goal 45'

Franchini Goal 76'

Semi Finals

1st leg
2nd leg


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Top Goalscorer

Pos. Player Club Goals
1 Krasnovlac Jordan Yewsmikel Sancrus FC 5
2 Vegno Paolo Vassena Sancrus FC 4
3 Vegno Nicolò Gualtieri AS Virtus Glovetese 4