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2022–23 Senyan League

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The 2022–23 Senyan League will be the tenth season of the Senyan League. It will be contested over five divisions.

Top League

Second League

Third League

Fourth League

Following the annexation of Feldberg in 1704 and the annexation of the northern territories in 1706, it was agreed that ahead of the 2022–23 season, 16 clubs from those territories would join the Fourth League, and the Fourth League would be split into two divisions; the Fourth League North and the Fourth League South, with clubs allocated on a geographical basis. Although it is anticipated that most of the clubs from the new territories will be places in the Fourth League North, this may not be the case after geographical considerations have been reviewed. Furthermore, the League welcomed three phoenix sides of the former Gotzer clubs; Feldberg, Lonenberg and Regensberg, though none of the teams admitted had any legal succession to the original Gotzer clubs. Dynamo Noord were admitted to the league following the annexation of Sint Barentsz by Senya. Dynamo Noord had previously competed in the Alriggian football league and had previously made a guest appearance in the 2020–21 Kopa Sanya.

Fourth League North

Fourth League South