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Senyan League Trophy

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The Senyan League Trophy is a football competition run by the Senyan League for clubs playing in the Third and Fourth tiers of Senyan football. The competition is held midweek during matchdays the Senyan League doesn't use for domestic fixtures to allow for Top League clubs to play in international competitions. As such, it was decided to launch a new competition to provide more matchday opportunities for lower division clubs, providing them with greater revenue through ticket sales and TV broadcasts, as well as providing them with a chance to win a trophy. Lower division clubs had previously complained that in both the Kopa Sanya and Senyan League Cup they were eliminated often too quickly by higher division clubs.


Season Winners Score Runners-up
2021–22 Dragon Hall United 1–0 Gertsa
2022–23 Sotringham Rovers 2–0 Klements 5 Nomarzëök