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Senyan Intermediate League

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Senyan Intermediate League
Countries Senya Senya
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2020
Levels on pyramid 5–6
Promotion to Senyan League
Relegation to Senyan Amateur League
Domestic cup(s) Kopa Sanya
2020–21 Senyan Intermediate League

The Senyan Intermediate League is the highest level of non-professional football in Senya. The league, which comprises of six divisions over two levels of the nation's football pyramid, sits at the fifth and sixth level of the footballing pyramid, between the professional Senyan League and the non-professional Senyan Amateur League.

The Intermediate League operates the Fifth League (split into East and West divisions), and the Sixth League (split into four divisions), and serves as a buffer zone between the professional and non-professional levels of the game in Senya. As such, the league is home to a variety of clubs, between professional sides who have been relegated from the Senyan League, to amateur clubs who have risen up through the non-professional ranks.

The league was established in 2020 to serve as a centralised fifth tier, absorbing the various lower leagues that existed in Senyan proper and Lamantia, and the newer leagues that had emerged in Northern Senya, which had previously been prevented from joining the Senyan football pyramid, with clubs from those regions elected into the Senyan League. As such, the sixth tier will have separate divisions for Senya proper, Senyan Arboria, Lamantia and Northern Senya, with the Sixth League acting as an "overflow" zone, so that geographical boundaries can be respected even if no teams or multiple teams are relegated from the Fifth League.

The league also serves as the first nationwide replacement to the original Senyan Conference, which had seen several of its teams file for bankruptcy following the River Warrior War in 2015.

Ahead of the 2022–23 season, the league expanded to contain three divisions in the Fifth League and six divisions in the Sixth League, to accommodate new teams from the recent expansions into Feldberg and the northern territories.