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Kopa Sanya

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Kopa Sanya is a football tournament in Senya. Run by FADESS, the tournament features all teams from the top 6 division in Senyan football, along with additional invited clubs.


  • If a game is drawn at the end of 90 minutes, a replay shall be held a week after the game was played on the next Tuesday or Wednesday (this rule does not apply in the semi-finals or final).
  • If a replay is drawn after 90 minutes, the game shall go to a period of 30 minutes extra time, made up of two 15 minute halfs.
  • If after Extra Time, the tie is still level, the game goes to a penalty shoot-out to decide the winner.
  • A player can only represent 1 club per season in this tournament.


Season Winners Score Runners-up
2012–13 Svorgas Scitenhima 1–0 Jogasim Revolution
2013–14 Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets 6–2 Spazma Ƨonenčer
2014–15 Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets 2–1 Jogasim Revolution
2015–16 Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets 3–1 Urzi Magalatska
2016–17 Jogasim Revolution 1–0 Svorgas Scitenhima
2017–18 Park Prinsipa 2–0 Politzëa
2018–19 Park Prinsipa 1–0 Jogasim Revolution
2019–20 Sitizōnas Bɏer Moroni 2–1 Park Prinsipa
2020–21 Svorgas Knights 3–1 Zvarëen
2021–22 Kateki Blavisen 3–1 FK Tiga
2022–23 Kateki Blavisen 1–1 (3–2 p) Zvarëen

Foreign clubs

The Kopa Sanya has occasionally been opened up to clubs from outside the Senyan league system. In the tournament's inaugural season, Zeeburg FC were invited to compete. In the 2020–21 season, 17 clubs, including all ten Tianan Premier Division clubs, as well as three teams each from Arboria and Dura, and Dynamo Noord from Alriggian league participated. In 2022, Dynamo Noord were admitted to the Senyan League after the annexation of Sint Barentsz, thus becoming the first clubs to play in the Kopa Sanya as both a foreign and a domestic side.

Whilst clubs from the River Warriors and Lamantia have also participated in the competition, those clubs at the time were playing in the Senyan League system.