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Steerswick national football team

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Steerswick Steerswick
FMF member 2021–
Confederation CTFA
Captain Jack Trelawney
FMF code STW
First FMF intermicronational
Lucerne Lucerne 0–2 Steeria Steeria
Biggest win
Steerswick Steerswick 4–0 South Sea Islands South Sea Islands
Biggest defeat
Steeria Steeria 1–5 Alexandria Alexandria
CiboTap Championships
Appearances 1 (first in 2022)
Best result Group stage

The Steerswick national football team is the football team which represents the Mondosphere constituent nation of Steerswick. It is a member of the CTFA. The team is the official successor of Steeria, and Steeria and Highfield, and as such retains their records.


The team was founded in late 2021 after Steerswick, the successor state to Steeria and Highfield, itself the successor of Steeria, successfully claimed on Micras as a constituent nation of the Mondosphere. Under the names of Steeria, and Steeria and Highfield, the team competed in the 2015 World Cup, CiboTap 2016 and 2017 World Cup qualifying campaigns, placing fourth out of five in their group on each occasion.

The team first competed as Steerswick in the following year's CiboTap qualifiers, where they finished second in their five-team group with 14 points to advance to the play-offs, where they beat Passio-Corum 1–0 on aggregate to reach the finals. At CiboTap, they were eliminated in the group stage after finishing bottom of their group with a sole point.

The 2023 FMF World Cup qualification rounds saw the team finish fourth in their six-team group with twelve points, ahead of the North Antarctic Domain on goal difference.

Chronological competitive participation


No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Mike Penkivel Steerswick Steerswick City FC
2 3DF Bradley Kessel Steerswick Gebra FC
3 3DF Billy Bude Steerswick Steerswick City FC
4 5MF Jonny Tremarton Steerswick Steermouth FC
5 3DF Udney Wade Steerswick Steerswick City FC
6 3DF George Stratton Steerswick Wadonston FC
7 5MF Jack Trelawney Steerswick Steerswick City FC
8 5MF Jason Gummow Steerswick Gebra FC
9 7FW Jago Hellier Steerswick Steerswick City FC
10 7FW Diego Madron Steerswick Regina FC
11 5MF Andreas Hofer Steerswick Steerhead FC
12 1GK Alan Crantock Steerswick Steermouth FC
13 3DF Stephen Fowey Steerswick Steermouth FC
14 3DF Julian Clemo Steerswick Gebra FC
15 3DF Simon Perez Steerswick Regina FC
16 7FW Rich Burnett Steerswick Steerswick City FC
17 5MF Judd Mawgan Steerswick Steerswick City FC
18 5MF Martin Strudel Steerswick Steerhead FC
19 7FW Tom Ventongimps Steerswick Steermouth FC
20 5MF Clovis Clotworthy Steerswick Steermouth FC


Home colours
Away colours



Steerswick has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: