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Blackstone national football team

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Blackstone Blackstone
FMF member 2016–18
Confederation WMFA
Home stadium Elu Verion Arena
FMF code BLA
First FMF intermicronational
Holmes Holmes 0–3 Karalakh Karalakh
Biggest win
Blackstone Blackstone 3–0 Voltrue Voltrue
Biggest defeat
Blackstone Blackstone 0–6 Craitland Craitland

The Blackstone national football team was the football team which most recently represented the Jingdaoese autonomous territory of of Blackstone, and previously represented the independent nation of the same name. It was a member of the WMFA, and was the official successor of Holmes, and as such retained its records.


The team was created in 2016 after the foundation of Blackstone as the successor state to the Calbain autonomous territory of Holmes. Under the name of Holmes, the team finished fourth in their five-team 2016 Benacia Cup qualification group.

In 2017, prior to the completion of the year's qualifying rounds, Blackstone was annexed by Jingdao. In the qualifiers themselves, the team could only finish bottom of their four-team group with three points, but placed below Mishalan on goal difference. Later in the year, the team played in and hosted the 2017 Emerging Nations Cup, winning their quarter-final and semi-final before losing to East Gerenia to place second.

The team competed in the 2018 Benacia Cup qualification rounds, where they finished third in their five-team group with nine points, ahead of Mishalan on goal difference. Blackstone's autonomy was decreased soon afterwards, and the team was integrated into the Jingdaoese side.

Chronological competitive participation



Blackstone used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: