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Tyrenia national football team

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Tyrenia Tyrenia
Association Tyrenian Sports Association
FMF member 2013, 2016
Confederation AEFA
Home stadium Stadio National
FMF code TYR
First FMF intermicronational
Tyrenia Tyrenia 0–2 Afrikaana Afrikaana
Biggest win
Tyrenia Tyrenia 4–3 Centralya Centralya
Biggest defeat
Tyrenia Tyrenia 0–4 Senya Senya
Neo Patrova Neo Patrova 4–0 Tyrenia Tyrenia

The Tyrenia national football team was the football team which most recently represented the Jingdaoese autonomous territory of Tyrenia, and previously represented the Jexitese autonomous territory, and The Dominioner and Jingdaoese constituent nations of the same name. It was a member of the AEFA, and was run by the Tyrenian Sports Association.

The team existed twice in the FMF's history; firstly in 2013 as a constituent nation of The Dominion, and secondly in 2016 as a constituent nation of Jingdao, and autonomous territories of Jexit and Jingdao.


The team was founded in 2013 after Tyrenia, which had existed on Micras since earlier in the year, applied successfully for FMF membership. Tyrenia left Micras later in the year as part of The Dominion's death.

Tyrenia returned to Micras as a constituent nation of Jingdao in early 2016. The team's first qualifiers saw them finish bottom of their four-team group with just one point to their name. Later in the year, Tyrenia became an autonomous territory of Jexit following its independence from Jingdao. Shortly afterwards, the team competed in the 2016 Emerging Nations Cup; winning their quarter-final and semi-final, but losing the final to Nessus. Tyrenia was once again annexed by Jingdao later in 2016, before being dissolved, with the national team being integrated into Jingdao's.

Chronological competitive participation


2013 kit of Tyrenia



Tyrenia used the following flags during both of its FMF affiliations:

2013 2016