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New Batavia national football team

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New Batavia New Batavia
Logo of the New Batavia national football team
Association VBNB
FMF member 2020–
Confederation CTFA
FMF code NBA
First FMF intermicronational
Craitland Craitland 4–0 Netherlands Netherlands
Biggest win
Nova Caradia Nova Caradia 0–4 New Batavia New Batavia
Biggest defeat
Craitland Craitland 4–0 Netherlands Netherlands

The New Batavia national football team is the football team which represents the micronation of New Batavia. It is a member of the CTFA, and is run by the VBNB. The team is the official successor of the Netherlands and the Islamic Internet Republic, and as such retains their records.


The team was founded in late 2020 after the foundation of New Batavia as the successor state to the Islamic Internet Republic, itself the successor of the Netherlands, shortly after its return to Micras. The team previously competed in the 2010 and 2011 qualifying rounds as the Netherlands and the Islamic Internet Republic, respectively, but finished bottom of their group on both occasions.

The team first competed as New Batavia in the 2021 FMF World Cup qualification rounds, finishing third in their six-team group with 15 points.

Chronological competitive participation



New Batavia has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation:

New Batavia