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2022 NNVF Honor Division (women)

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NNVF Honor Division (women)

NNVF logo
Season 2022

The 2022 NNVF Honor Division (women) is the second season of the New Batavian NNVF Honor Division for women. It began on January 5, 2022.

Changes from 2022

After the secession of Kurum Ash-Sharqia several teams left the NNVF to join FAKUR. In the course of 2021 also several new teams were founded in the new territories. The comptetion went from 8 to 16 teams.


Team Town
VV Broekszaal Broekszaal
VV Farhaan Farhaan
VV Feniks Feniks
VV Husseinburg Husseinburg
VV Lucerne Lucerne
VV Minaret-aan-de-Struisbeek Minaret-aan-de-Struisbeek
VV Nedersticht Nedersticht
VV Oplinde Oplinde
VV Patriottenbaai Patriottenbaai
VV Redouansburg Redouansburg
VV Saladinstad Saladinstad
VV Vondel Vondel
VV Vrijplaats Vrijplaats
VV Westhaven Westhaven
VV Wittensteen Wittensteen
VV Zevenmolendal Zevenmolendal

League table