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NNVF Honor Division (women)

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NNVF Honor Division (women)
Countries New Batavia New Batavia
Founded 2020
First season 2021
Divisions 1
Number of teams 8
Domestic cup(s) NNVF Cup of New Batavia (women)
Current champions VV Oud Laar

The NNVF Honor Division for women is the top football league in the New Batavian NNVF (New Batavian National Football Federation). The first season was held in 2021.


After the 2021 expansion several new teams were founded and joined NNVF. The competition was enlarged from 8 to 16 teams.

Year Champions
(number of titles)
Pts. Runners-up Pts. Third Place Pts.
2021 VV Oud Laar (1) 29 VV Broekszaal 24 VV Ochterburg 23

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