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VBNB Second Division (women)

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VBNB Second Division (women)
Countries New Batavia New Batavia
Confederation CTFA
Founded 2020
First season 2021
Number of teams 8
Promotion to VBNB First Division (women)
Current champions FC Duinburg

The VBNB Second Division for women is the second football league in the New Batavian VBNB (Football Association of New Batavia). The first season was held in 2021.

Since 2022, the league is contested by 18 teams, with each team playing 34 fixtures per year. The first two promote to the First Division.


A comprehensive competition reform was made in 2022. That year the league was contested by 18 teams, in stead of 8. The best placed teams of lower leagues of 2021 promoted and several new teams joined in the Second Division. Since 2023 the league is contested by 16 teams.

Year Champions
(number of titles)
Pts. Runners-up Pts. Third Place Pts.
2021 FC Ochterburg B (1) 27 FC Lucerne Noord 24 Purple White FC 22
2022 FC Duinburg (1) 69 FC Berksem 61 VK Minaret-aan-de-Struisbeek 58