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Nieuw-Bataafse Nationale Voetbalfederatie

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Nieuw-Bataafse Nationale Voetbalfederatie
Logo of the Nieuw-Bataafse Nationale Voetbalfederatie
Founded November 10, 2020
Headquarters Lucerne
President Frans

The Nieuw-Bataafse Nationale Voetbalfederatie (New Batavian National Football Federation or NNVF) is a second and smaller organizer of association football competitions in New Batavia. It was established on November 10, 2020 and is thus slightly older than the VBNB. It did not receive recognition from the Government to represent New Batavia in international sport competitions, so it's not a member of the CTFA or the FMF.

The first match was played on December 28, 2020, in the NNVF Honor Division for women: VV Vrijplaats to VV Patriottenbaai was 1-0.

After the peaceful secession of Kurum Ash-Sharqia, several teams left the competition to join the FAKUR.


The NNVF is organizes of these competitions:

Dutch English Men Women
NNVF Eredivisie NNVF Honor Division Yes Yes
NNVF Beker van Nieuw-Batavië NNVF Cup of New Batavia Yes Yes

League system




NNVF Honor Division (men) and NNVF Honor Division (women)
16 clubs

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