Apollonian Confederation

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Apollonian Confederation
Flag of Apollonia
Coat of Arms of Apollonia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Birthplace of Modern Civilisation
Anthem: None
Location of Apollonia
Map versions As part of Shireroth: 1.5.0 - 15.4.6,
as A.R.S.E.: 15.4.7-Present.
Capital Apollo City
Largest city Apollo City, Blackrock Nua, Asha, Mahapur, Treesia City, Jacia
Official language(s) Official language:

Other languages:
Written Halluci, Shirerithian, Audente, Jingdaoese

Official religion(s)
Demonym Apollonian
 - Adjective Apollonian
Government Authoritarian military dictatorship
 - Caudillo of Apollonia Trajan Myksos
 - Legislature Confederal Assembly
Establishment Annexed as part of Shireroth:
513 ASC (30th December 2000)

Independent from Shireroth:
5555 ASC (21th October 2014)

Area NA
Population 801,204,005
Active population NA
Currency Kala
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website NA
National forum Forum
National animal Two-headed Eagle
National food Safir wings with cabbage
National drink
National tree
Abbreviation A.C.

The Apollonian Confederation is a - mostly in name only - confederacy consisting of the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth's East (well-known as Kildare), Aryasht, the isles of Nessus and the River Warrior's Apollonian Republic. While being called a confederation, it has a focus upon a strong centralised government with a lot of military aspects.



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