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The Hexarchy national football team

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The Hexarchy The Hexarchy
Nickname(s) The Eagles
FMF member 2020–
Confederation EMUFA
Captain Balshazzar Bel-Dagon
Home stadium Kobol Stadium
FMF code HEX
First FMF intermicronational
Normark Normark 2–3 The Hexarchy The Hexarchy
Biggest win
DBI Dark Berry Islands 0–4 The Hexarchy The Hexarchy
The Hexarchy The Hexarchy 4–0 Saint Salvation Saint Salvation
Saint Salvation Saint Salvation 0–4 The Hexarchy The Hexarchy
Biggest defeat
Passas Passas 4–1 The Hexarchy The Hexarchy
FMF World Cup
Appearances 2 (first in 2021)
Best result Group stage
EMU Championships
Appearances 1 (first in 2022)
Best result Third place

The The Hexarchy national football team is the football team which represents the micronation of The Hexarchy. It is a member of the EMUFA.


The team was founded in mid-2020 after The Hexarchy's Micrasian claim was successful. They first competed in the 2021 FMF World Cup qualification rounds, performing well to finish top of their five-team group with 16 points and qualify for the finals at the first time of asking. In the finals, the team were eliminated at the group stage after finishing with four points.

In the following year's EMU qualifiers, the team finished second in their five-team group with 19 points, behind Normark in the automatic qualification spot on goal difference, to advance to the play-offs, where they beat Passas on away goals after tying on aggregate to reach the finals. At EMU 2022, they advanced from their group in second place with six points to reach the semi-finals where they lost to eventual winners Nouvelle Alexandrie 2–1 before beating hosts Phinbella 2–1 in the third-place play-off to place third overall.

The 2023 FMF World Cup qualification rounds saw the team top their six-team group unbeaten with 26 points and qualify for the finals, where they were eliminated at the first hurdle after placing bottom of Group D with a sole point to their name.

Chronological competitive participation


The team's composition following the 2021 qualifying matches is listed below. The squad consists of 25 players, with Belshazzar Bel-Dagon acting as the captain and Kara Arad-Indash as the current vice-captain. The captain and vice-captain always wear numbers 1 and 2, respectively. The rest were allotted numbers 3-25 in order of their position on the pitch.

The team's players chosen on a permanent basis through the Six Nations Football League, a domestic competition in which the annual regional champions qualified to represent The Hexarchy as a whole. The national team acts as an independent football club, so players may be traded into or out of the team as needed, with the difference being that the Praetor typically signs off on final deals in consultation with the team's players and management. The qualifying national team for 2020 was the Ashtaroth Eagles. However, given its second-place status in the previous tournament, Pyrax United was awarded the right to fill the first vacancy. It exercised this right almost immediately in early 2021, replacing the previous goalkeeper, Izami Haruhashi, found to be using steroids, with Hammurabi Gilgamesh-Pilagga U-Marduk, one of several sons of the country's Praetor. Both of those teams reconstituted during and after the 2022 season, with the impending retirement of older players.

The national government announced that, from the 2022 season, future players would be chosen from both domestic and international clubs, aligning with the norm (albeit doing so on a permanent basis as before), with recruitment to begin following the team's participation in the 2022 EMU Championships.

The team is known for its heavy use of the uncommon 5-2-3 formation, though the formation often becomes 5-3-2 during certain portions of the game.

No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 7FW Balshazzar Bel-Dagon 27 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
2 1GK Kara Arad-Indash 31 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
3 1GK Takeshi Yuukizawa 28 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
4 1GK Hammurabi Gilgamesh-Pilagga U-Marduk 21 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
5 3DF Shoshenq Arad-Kadesh 35 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
6 3DF Necho Adatta-Pilotto U-Enkidu 26 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
7 3DF Sasuke Uzimiya 27 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
8 3DF Shutruk Arad-Uruk 23 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
9 3DF Nakhunte Bel-Ereshkigal 29 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
10 3DF Utu Neriglassar 19 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
11 3DF Robert Aradlugal-Asshur 20 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
12 3DF Kidu Sinnassar 31 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
13 3DF Ikki Naram-Sin 30 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
14 3DF Estil Naram-Basha 23 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
15 5MF Sargon Arad-Nuzi 25 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
16 5MF Raameses Arad-Bau 26 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
17 5MF Tiger Bel-Karnak 22 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
18 5MF Shin Yamagawa 31 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
19 5MF Shala Naram-Gilil 24 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
20 5MF Cil Bel-Eshunna 19 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
21 7FW Nahum Baqqanum 24 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
22 7FW Norman Naram-Ishkur 30 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
23 7FW Ieqi Bel-Karbala 24 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
24 7FW Ered Arad-Khufu 28 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles
25 7FW Sirius Uruhani 25 The Hexarchy Hexarchy Eagles


The team's home colours are those found in the national flag: blue and yellow. The team's away colours are red and black, as used by the Ashtaroth Eagles. Before 2021, there was no standard away kit, with the team instead intending to use the colours of the qualified representative club. However, in early 2021, these away colours became permanent. Zathara Fashion Co. is the official manufacturer of the team's apparel.

Home kit


The team itself is nominally headquartered in multiple sites, usually according to who qualifies at the national level. The cities of Azul'an, Kobol, Kanaloa, Ashtaroth, and Enkidu serve as the headquarters of each respective regional team, with others hosting visiting arenas of their own. In reality, once qualified, the national team rarely travels to other cities than Kobol, Kanaloa, or Ashtaroth during their tenure as champions of the Six Nations League as these are the sites of the three dedicated stadiums in the country currently set aside for international matches. The one most often in use is Eventide's Kobol Stadium, on a popular resort island to the west of the eponymous city mostly dedicated to outdoors and sporting activities. It is also commonly called the "Gilgamesh Stadium" by the locals, as he was the one whose assets made the country's first and only specialized football stadium a possibility. The second is located in Kanaloa, Elam, and is a multipurpose stadium usually used for far less innocuous sports than association football. International matches are rarely held here, due to costs associated with traveling to and visiting the city. The newest stadium, completed in late 1688 AN, is located in Ashtaroth.



The Hexarchy has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation.

The Hexarchy