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Forajasaki national football team

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Forajasaki Forajasaki
FMF member 2021–
Confederation EMUFA
FMF code FRJ
First FMF intermicronational
Forajasaki Forajasaki 2–3 Riskai Riskai
Biggest win
Forajasaki Forajasaki 3–1 Alperkin Alperkin
Forajasaki Forajasaki 3–1 United Isles United Isles
Biggest defeat
Floria Floria 6–0 Forajasaki Forajasaki

The Forajasaki national football team is the football team which currently represents the Order of the Holy Lakes constituent nation of Forajasaki, and previously represented the Phineonesian constituent nation and independent nation of the same name. It is a member of the EMUFA.


The team was founded in mid-2021 after Forajasaki's Micrasian claim was successful. Later in the year, Forajasaki joined with Phinbella to form the Phineonesian Confederation, with each constituent nation retaining its separate FMF membership. They first competed in the following year's EMU qualifiers, where they finished bottom of their five-team group after losing all of their matches, leading to an invite to the 2022 Emerging Nations Cup, of which Forajasaki was subsequently announced as hosts. In the Emerging Nations Cup, they won their quarter-final before being beaten in the semi-finals by eventual winners Whales but then defeating the United Isles to place third overall.

The 2023 FMF World Cup qualification rounds saw the team finish fourth in their five-team group with five points. In late 2023, Forajasaki became a constituent nation of the Order of the Holy Lakes, following the Phineonesian Confederation's merger with Hurmu, and maintained its own team.

Chronological competitive participation


Home kit
Away kit

Current squad

The following players were called up to the initial squad for the 2022 EMU Championships qualification.

No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Mat Edward Zanithu Farquhar-Agasama 22 Forajasaki Optimum Pride FC
2 3DF Muhammad Awi' bin Idris 18 Forajasaki Anak Harimau FC
3 3DF Muhammad Baratawi Haji Naratawi 17 Forajasaki Timun Emas FC
4 5MF Mat Jay Walker bin Haji Mahmud (captain) 31 Forajasaki Jebon Blade FC
5 3DF Muhammad Jeffrey "Jepri" bin Ikhwan 18 Forajasaki Anak Harimau FC
6 5MF Alawi Ucop bin Masdo 18 Forajasaki Jebon Blade FC
7 5MF Kai Smith bin Mat Jauhari 31 Forajasaki Durian Runtuh FC
8 7FW Takuya Kamado 21 Forajasaki Optimum Pride FC
9 3DF Haji Tengku Muhammad Mateen bin Haji Tengku Azawamaki 32 Forajasaki Timun Emas FC
10 5MF Mat Abdullah Sabri bin Naim 33 Forajasaki Pilahondan FC
11 5MF Mat Cole bin Abdul Aziz 31 Forajasaki Pilahondan FC
12 1GK Mat Batrisyah Star 49 Forajasaki Horlicks FC
13 3DF Xi Ah Seng 18 Forajasaki Durian Runtuh FC
14 3DF Mat Dareth Browns 49 Forajasaki Horlicks FC
15 5MF Muhammad Idrus bin Ramlee 22 Forajasaki Pilahondan FC
16 5MF Abdul Aziz Yusof bin Ithnin ?? Forajasaki Durian Runtuh FC
17 7FW Jamal Asmawi bin Ithnin ?? Forajasaki Durian Runtuh FC
18 7FW Bala Kumar 18 Forajasaki Pilahondan FC
19 7FW Ahmad Iskandar "Jo" bin Haji Sharif 22 Forajasaki Pilahondan FC
20 7FW Ahmad Zain bin Haji Osman 31 Forajasaki Figura Dettol FC
21 1GK Muhammad Al Haffezy bin Yusoff 19 Forajasaki Durian Runtuh FC
22 5MF Hassan bin Azzarudin 19 Forajasaki Durian Runtuh FC


The Forajasaki national team, although it has yet to compete internationally, plays in three stadiums. The Ahmad Abdullah Inzun Shah Coastal International Stadium located in Kuala Forajasaki is the team's primary stadium, while the Semarang City Stadium in Jagor and the Barbar State Stadium are the team's other available venues.



Forajasaki has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: