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Order of the Yoshi

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Most Noble Order of the Yoshi
New OY Medal.png
Badge of the Order of the Yoshi
Awarded by
Full Greater Arms of the Empire WP version Nathan II crest.png
Emperor of the Natopians
Type Secular and chivilric order
Eligibility Non-Natopians
Awarded for At the monarch's pleasure
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Nathan II
Grades (w/ post-nominals) (SY) Sovereign
(KY) Knight/Dame
Established Ancient
Distinct recipients 18
Order Precedence
Next (higher) Order of the Black Hole
Next (lower) White Sword of Honor
New OY Ribbon.png
Ribbon of the Order of the Yoshi

The Most Noble Order of the Yoshi is an award given by the Emperor of the Natopians. It honors the contributions of non-Natopians toward the development of Natopia and the wider community. All members of the Order are Knights (KY) or Dames (DY).


The Order of the Yoshi was created as a counterpart to the Order of the Black Hole to thank non-Natopians for service to Natopia.


The ribbon of the order is green, white and red.

The Order of the Yoshi comes in two classes as follows:

  • (SY) Sovereign - His Most Bovic Majesty the Emperor of the Natopians Nathan II is the Sovereign of the Order.
  • (KY) Knight/Dame - Limited to non-Natopians. Carries with it the dignity of being addressed as Sir/Dame [first name] in Natopia, if the recipient has no higher honorific.
New OY Medal.png
New KY Medal.png
New OY Ribbon.png New OY Ribbon.png
Sovereign Knight

List of Recipients