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Speaker of the Frenzy

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Speaker of the Frenzy
The Arms of the Speaker
Tinker Sprocket.jpg
Tinker Sprocket
since 12 Friedeber 1645
Style Mister Speaker
(within Natopia)
His Excellency
(in international correspondence)
Residence Frenzy Dome
(Lindstrom, Natopia)
Appointer Chancellor of Natopia
Term Indefinite
Inaugural holder Tinker Sprocket
Formation 1645

The Speaker of the Frenzy is the presiding officer, chief parliamentarian, and clerk of Natopia's legislature, the Frenzy. The Speaker also serves as the main archivist for the Frenzy's Library of Law. Prior to the creation of this position, its duties were handled by the Chancellor of Natopia. The Chancellor appoints the Speaker and, whenever the chancellor wishes, may perform the Speaker's duties. The office of Speaker was created to alleviate the parliamentary duties of the Chancellor as the Imperial Chancellery of Natopia was given greater domestic powers, such as justice, security, and information.

The Speaker may also perform certain duties of the Chancellor in loco cancellarii such as presenting passed Bills to the Emperor, making typographical amendments to the Caprine Code, conducting the election of a new chancellor, and sometimes serves as de facto deputy chancellor or acting chancellor between chancellorial elections. The Speaker's position is intended to be apolitical, and was originally proposed by Empress Asara. The current Speaker was appointed by Chancellor Meir and is expected to remain at the Speaker's rostrum for a very long time. Speaker Sprocket has already served 28 years.

The Speaker is also the presiding officer of the Imperial Conference, the former lower chamber of the Frenzy. Now, the Speaker ensures decorum and order is maintained in the Conference chamber, which is open to the public and broadcast live on N-SPAN4.