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Raspur Pact

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Raspur Pact
Flag of Allied Powers
Emblem of Allied Powers
Hymn: Why would we need a hymn?
Location of Allied Powers
Headquarters Raspur, Lindström, Shirekeep, Vey (formerly)
Official language(s) Istvanistani / Common Tongue
Type Military alliance and free trade area
 - High Commissioner Isabella Kalirion (Natopia)
 - Deputy High Commissioner Primo de Aguilar (Constancia)
 - Main assembly Permanent Commission
Establishment 7.V.1643 AN
Membership 7 member states
National website n/a
National forum n/a

The Raspur Pact, formerly known by the acronym SANE (standing for the Shirerithian-Alexandrian-Natopian Entente) is an multilateral alliance founded around mutual defence, collective security and free trade.

The Pact allows its members free movement of workers, goods, and services across borders, extradition of arrested persons, and full faith and credit to all legal documents in all of the Pact's member states.


Founding members of the organisation were Shireroth, Alexandria and Natopia, with Constancia joining later on. Following the devastating Alexandrian Flu and the consequent collapse of the Alexandrian Empire. The Khanate of Raspur acceded to the alliance in 1662, followed by the Wechua Nation in 1663 and Eklesia and the Republic of Inner Benacia in 1667. The organisation now comprises of:

Although not a formal member of the Raspur Pact, Tellia enjoys many of the economic and security benefits associated with membership on account of its treaty with Shireroth which established a condominium over so-called "Mandatory Tellia", affording the Tellian city states privileged access to Benacian and international markets controlled by Raspur Pact member states.


Permanent Commission

The first High Commissioner of the Raspur Pact is Isabella Kalirion, supported by Primo de Aguilar as Deputy High Commissioner.

Joint Military Council

Idealised conception of each tier of organisation in the forces of the Raspur Pact from the tactical to the strategic level.



Negotiation and ratification

Hammish Civil War

War of Jingdaoese Immolation

Alexandrian Flu

War of Lost Brothers