Nationalist & Humanist Party

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Nationalist & Humanist Party
Abbreviation N&H
Leader Isabella Kalirion
Founded Early 1600s
Ideology Khanism
Technocratic neofeudalism

The Nationalist & Humanist Party (N&HP) is a family of political parties, originating in the former Elwynnese Union, with independent affiliated branches in Floria (republic & free state), Natopia, the Raspur Khanate, and Shireroth.



The Nationalist and Humanist movement believes that the impact of a celestial body upon the surface of Micras two million years ago resulted in a planet wide extinction event which terminated the previous evolutionary path of life upon the world, leaving the way clear for the evolution of a new species of sentient upright apes that would evolve into Humankind, the dominant sentient species on this world.

The era after the extinction event ("Stratum Mortis") is known as "Nostra aetate" or Our Era - that of Humanity.

The existence of other planets inhabited by biologically and genetically indistinguishable hominids, Earth and Giess foremost, with which Micras has been in periodic contact, the commonality of cultures and languages between those worlds, which have evolved along similar lines in spite of prolonged periods in the absence of any semblance of contact, and the evidence of similar celestial interventions on other worlds that have come under the ascendancy of man, suggests to followers of the N&H that these three planets, as well as many more besides, may be the part of a wider Imperium of Man that will one day manifest itself and assert dominion across all of creation.


Human supremacy

At its barest essential, the N&H movement holds that the celestial archons, the hypothetical guiding spirits variously considered as deities or oversouls, by imposing their will upon a planet hitherto following its own path of evolution, inflicted a trauma upon the world spirit of Micras which, even as all semblance of life was scoured from its surface and oceans by the fires poured from the bowls of wrath, proved more resilient than expected, resisting the countless millennia of terraforming and studious correction of patterns of life to suit the warp and weave of the new creation begotten by the archonite spirits, and resulting in a hostile planet form that actively resists human settlement.

The evidence, so the followers of the N&H movement maintain, can be observed in the fractured nature of reality, the persistence of temporal and spatial anomalies, the alacrity with which human settlements and nations fall into abject chaos and self-destruction, and finally the corruption of the human form, derived from the perfection mandated by the divine, to resemble the long overwritten patterns of extinct chthonic life.

It becomes therefore incumbent upon humans, as dutiful avatars of the overspirits of the highest divinity, to exterminate any and all manifestations of the chthonic corruption, whether it be gene-splicers, abominations - of which there are many - or divergent hominids, so as to maintain humanity in fidelity to its true and eternal form.

"I should not have to remind you that 'do not needlessly antagonise the multi-planet galactic empire' is, and remains, an integral part of ensuring the human supremacy on Micras."
Liv DravotComments at a banquet, Raynor's Keep (1658)

For a number of years a tension ostensibly existed between the official policy of toleration for liches, safir, and Deep Singers by the Imperial Republic on the one hand and the unbounded doctrine of the human supremacy advocated by the N&H cadres on the other. That the liches had mostly crumbled of their own accord and been exported as bone meal had resolved the problem they posed - the few that remained could be tolerated without fear of causing societal harm or upset to their fellow citizens and denizens. Relations with the safir were more complex, in as much as, after weathering two (three?) separate waves of safir migration to Micras, the diaspora that remained was comparatively small (if disproportionately wealthy on account of connections with past holders of the Golden Mango Throne) yet backed - reputedly - by an overwhelmingly powerful albeit mercifully pacific space-faring civilisation. The Imperial Republic and the Natopian Empire both have maintained discrete, albeit informal contact, with the safir, in consequence of which both governments have exerted a certain amount of pressure upon the N&H party to tone down its more strident rhetoric in regards to xenobiology - leaving the safir with the abiding impression that the main reservoirs of human prejudice towards them could be found in the loudly professed, but quite unlikely, culinary habits of the Jingdaoese. That the maintenance of this impression was quietly rewarded by the receipt of telemetry data from a source outside of the Atos system during the recent strife has been denied by the western alliance.

"Deep Singers, although bestowed with merciful toleration under Imperial Decree 853, were nonetheless the victims of generation after generation of genetic experimentation and forced mutations - that they are returning to some semblance of the human form is to be welcomed and celebrated."
Isabella Simrani-KalirionSpeech to the Board of Governance, Fort Nider, Arboria (1659)

Similarly, the distance between government and party policy regarding the Deep Singer population, largely vanished from the surface world everywhere except in Kalgachia, has been the source of a certain tension in relations between the Imperial Republic and the Garden, a tension which a times during the War of Lost Brother's appeared poised ready to tip over into open conflict. The responsibilities of government, particularly the burden of maintaining the stability of the Imperial Republic in the wake of the ouster of Burgrave Zinkgraven, has more and more influenced senior N&H leaders to moderate racial policy to accord with, or at least humour, the line emanating from Oktavyan that the propagation of the Nezeni represents a fundamental dilution of the Deep Singer genome. In this however the pragmatic wing of the party rubs up against the implacable opposition of the hard-line eugenicist factions leading to some dissension in the ranks about how far to go with a formal shift in policy.

Coordinated state

Harmonious society

The Harmonious Society, visualised in the form of a Ziggurat as an architectural style as well as a symbol, saw the state and society organised as into tiered layers under unwavering observation from an all-powerful centre, as evidenced in this unrealised policy proposal made during the reign of Farzan Shahanshah.
"All humans are under an obligation to offer their labour and their obedience to the communities into which they are born."
Ardashir Moqtada al-Osman'Exhortations to the Elw' (1542)


Following the partition of Elwynn in 1665, where the Prince of Modan abstained on the Landsraad resolution implementing the break up of that Imperial State in return for the vacated seat of the Imperial Mother the Elwynnese and Shirerithian cadres of the party were racked by a wave of protests, resignations, and defections. By supporting the destruction of an ancient Imperial State in return for the largess of the Kalirion Supremacy the leadership of the N&H had badly misread the mood of their grassroots membership. The sense of betrayal was especially acute amongst the Babkhi, whose Southern League was now to be partitioned into three separate dominions (Alalehzamin, Araxion, Utasia), whilst their cultural kin in the northern county of Agnesia were to be abandoned to the tender mercies of a realm of blood fixated religious fanatics.

In consequence the N&H entered the 1665 electoral cycle at a disadvantage, attacked from the right by Behsaz-Eluin, from the centre by the Imperial Democratic Party, and from the left by the Elwynnese Resistance Organisation, Coalition 1660, and the Elwynnese Workers' Party. At a time when the N&H dominated government in Modan had suffered reverses in provincial elections, as well as the loss of territory to Laqi insurgents, it appeared that another correction to the hitherto upwards trajectory of the N&H movement was imminent.