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Terra (Hoennverse)

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Terra Astronomical symbol of Terra
A planetary disk of white cloud formations, brown and green land masses, and dark blue oceans against a black background. The Arabian peninsula, Africa and Madagascar lie in the upper half of the disk, while Antarctica is at the bottom.
"The Blue Marble" photograph of Terra,
taken from Apollo 17
Alternative names Earth, Gaia, Chiku
Orbital characteristics
Epoch J2000.0
Aphelion 152,098,232 km
1.01671388 AU
Perihelion 147,098,290 km
0.98329134 AU
Semi-major axis 149,598,261 km
1.00000261 AU
Eccentricity 0.01671123
Orbital period 365.256363004 days
1.000017421 yr
Average orbital speed 29.78 km/s107,200 km/h
Mean anomaly 357.51716°
Inclination 7.155° to Sol's equator
1.57869° to invariable plane
Longitude of ascending node 348.73936°
Argument of perihelion 114.20783°

1 natural (Luna),
8,300+ artificial (as of 1 March 2001

As of 19 January 2022 (2022-01-19)[ref])
Physical characteristics
Mean radius 6,371.0 km
Equatorial radius 6,378.1 km
Polar radius 6,356.8 km
Flattening 0.0033528
Circumference 40,075.017 km (equatorial)
Surface area

510,072,000 km2 148,940,000 km2 land (29.2 %)

361,132,000 km2 water (70.8 %)
Volume 1.08321×1012 km3

5.9736×1024 kg

3.0×10−6 Suns
Mean density 5.515 g/cm3
Equatorial surface gravity 9.780327 m/s2
0.99732 g
Escape velocity 11.186 km/s
Sidereal rotation period 0.99726968 d
23h 56m 4.100s
Equatorial rotation velocity 1674.4 km/h
Axial tilt 23°26'21".4119

0.367 (geometric)

0.306 (Bond)
Surface temp. min mean max
Kelvin 184 K 287.2 K 330 K
Celsius −89.2 °C 14 °C 56.7 °C
Surface pressure 101.325 kPa (MSL)
Composition 78.08% nitrogen (N2)About 1% water vapor (varies with climate)

Terra (Hoennverse) (Hoennese: ‮地球‬, translit.: Chiku?), parallel dimension Planet Earth, not to be confused with an altogether more reprehensible parallel Earth, linked to the Micras via a rift in space and time into which the Hoennese have managed to install a tunnel like structure facilitating two-way traffic.


The existence of portals, dimensional rifts in space-time linking disparate worlds, have occurred not infrequently in the history of Micras and have facilitated the passage of humans between worlds on several occasions, including but not limited to the ill-fated attempt to settle the world of Giess[1]. Some have conjectured that these porous gaps in reality facilitated the spread of the human species across disparate worlds in the absence of practicable and reliable faster than light technology.

That this Terra is notably different to the Earth encountered in lore has cast doubt on the veracity of the source material for those other accounts but also raised the intriguing possibility that Micras and Terra exist both within a "multiverse" where the every action has a corresponding set of every possible alternative action, leading to a cascade of near infinite alternative realities coexisting in different dimensional planes.

Political situation on Terra

A map of the countries of Terra. Some colored areas refer to territories or colonies of countries, rather than sovereign states in their own right.



  1. ^ An event which contributed to the downfall of the Grand Commonwealth