Territorial evolution of Gerenia

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The Gerenian Colony of New Calarma was founded on 8 July 2012 as a territory of the Republic of Gerenia in Meeredres. New Calarma gained independence shortly after to become the Republic of Gerenia. After a brief period of crisis of the State, Gerenia started to expand across Apollonia and Keltia, eventually growing from eight provinces to twelve provinces and six territories (autonomous republics and dependencies).

Territorial evolution

The maps below show the changes in the territory of Gerenia throughout its history.

Key to map colors

     Gerenian provinces

     Gerenian territories (autonomous republics, dependencies, special districts)

     disputed areas

     area changed by event

Abbreviations: AD: Adarma; AN: Antemis; BR: Barzat; CL: Clements; ER: Erstveda; GR: East Gerenia; KS: South Keltia; MM: Maremedres; RZ: Ramez; SN: Sängeran; SV: Sánkava; WS: West; YS: Trans-Samarne.

Date Event Change Map
8 July 2012 Foundation of Gerenia as the Gerenian Colony of New Calarma. Gerenia-h1.png
1 November 2012 Independence of New Calarma from Meeredres as the Republic of Gerenia. no change to map
15 April 2013 Annexation of Helfrich Island. Gerenia-h2.png
28 November 2013 Dissolution of the Gerenian State; claims of the Maremedres Free State and the Republic of Alĵis as successor states. War between Gerenia and the above-mentioned states. Gerenia-h3.png
29 December 2013 Reestablishment of the Gerenian State by the provinces of Barzat, Clements, Erstveda, Maremedres, and Ramez. Gerenia-h4.png
14 April 2014 Adarma and Sängeran join Gerenia by reclaiming the districts of Tawlkar and Gerze, respectively. Gerenia-h5.png
4 November 2014 Expansion of Barzat and Sängeran to their original borders. Return of Helfrich Island to Maremedres and of Victoria Island to Adarma. Gerenia-h6.png
22 June 2015 West joins Gerenia. Expansion of Adarma to its original borders. Gerenia-h7.png
16 November 2015 Creation of both Trans-Samarne Province and East Gerenia Region (later autonomous republic). Gerenia-h8.png
15 August 2016 Creation of Gerenian South Keltia Autonomous Republic. Gerenia-h9.png
7 March 2017 Creation of the dependencies of Piraf and Zylenia. Expansion of East Gerenia. Apollonia

Western Keltia
22 July 2017 Change of status of East Gerenia, from autonomous republic to province. no change to map
8 August 2017 Creation of the dependencies of Aydaria, Dünits and Beladia, Misnir, and the Southern Beneluccas. Expansion of Gerenian South Keltia. Apollonia

Western Keltia

Eastern Keltia

Southern Keltia
17 December 2017 Merge of Aydaria and Dünits and Beladia to form the dependency of Gerenian East Keltia. no change to map
22 January 2018 Expansion of Trans-Samarne Province. Cession of Misnir to the Empire of Hondon. Gerenia-h12.png
3 March 2018 Creation of the dependency of Erisland, and the New Siekeria Autonomous Republic. Expansion of Gerenian South Keltia. North-western Keltia

Southern Keltia
21 May 2018 Creation of Ugrettöres Special District. Disbandment of the Southern Beneluccas. Apollonia

Western Keltia
22 July 2018 Creation of the provinces of Antemis and Sánkava, the latter including Ugrettöres. Expansion of Maremedres. Gerenia-h15.png

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