Local government of the Imperial State of Constancia

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The local government of the Imperial State of Constancia is prescribed by law.


Governance within the realm was subject to the Basileus.

The Regulation of The Krýon Theme Act 1638

First legislation on local government was The Regulation of The Krýon Theme Act 1638, which specified:

  • The Local Authority of Krýon is the administrative body led by the Strategos of Krýon
  • The Local Authority is responsible for: Issuing residence permits; Issuing land permits; Issuing work permits; Collecting local taxes; Budgeting Krýon's finances; Providing rules and regulations on the civil, economic, cultural and geographic life of the people of Krýon under Constancian law and custom
  • Any further responsibility can be delegated to the Local Authority by the Mesazōn
  • The Local Authority provides guidance and support to the Constancians in the pursuit of their rights and responsibilities as such
  • The Strategos is accountable to the Mesazōn by providing monthly reports on any and all Krýon Theme matters
  • The Strategos may be summoned by the Synklētos to deliver such and other reports, and accept any rules, regulations, guides on the management of Krýon Theme that the Synklētos may have
  • A phone and internet private security channel is established to connect the offices of the Strategos and the Mesazōn
  • The Strategos, through the Local Authority, shall provide the communication between the Basileus and the Central government, and the the people of Krýon

The Metropole Act 1642

This law repealed The Colonies Act 1637, and that all currently established themes are retained. It specified that:

  • This Bill, or any part of it, does not repeal nor overrule any part of the The Regulation of The Krýon Theme Act 1638.
  • The Constancian territories on Micras are divided into Themes. Exceptions are the Prosgeiosi Basileus and the Basileusian Capital (Vey).
  • Themes are established by the Basileus on the advice of the Synklētos. Themes are disestablished by the Basileus on the advice of the Synklētos.
  • Themes are governed and administered in accordance with this Act, any further Acts concerning a particular theme, or group of themes, each theme's own customs and the Constancian law.
  • Leaders of the Themes are accountable to the Synklētos and the Council.
  • Themes are sub-sovereign entities within the Free Associative Kingdom of Constancia. No part of this Act, any other Act, custom or legal-binding script can alter their status as such. The Constitutional Settlement Act of 1463, all other Acts of the Synklētos, unless otherwise stated, and the Basileusian Prerogative are applicable throughout the Kingdom.