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Nation: Constancia
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Augustinium is a chartered city in Kanse County on the Constancian portion of the island of Nijima, established by authority of Autokratorial Charter [1] granted and promulgated on 6.XI.1690. It comprises 576 square kilometers on the coast, and is directly governed by the Imperial State through the Thema Oranjesion.

The senior officer commanding the detached company of the Merarahia Pezonauton (Marine Division) of the Imperial Constancian Army that is deployed in the area is the de facto military governor of the settlement since 1690.

Plans for its settlement and future were promulgated in 1695, for public release in 1696. It has been served by the Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia since 1691, Entrepreneurship Services Bank since 1701.

Political map of Niijima, with the blue parts under the Order of the Holy Lakes sovereignty and orange parts under Constancian sovereignties. The city of Augustinium is located in the county of Kanse (39 on map).

Beginning 1697, retirees of the Honourable Company and other notable worthies of the Imperial State of Constancia and other Raspur Pact nations in the good graces of the Autokrator of Constancia were provided residence permits.

A commercial port began construction in 1695, inaugurated in 1697, and is a regular stop of Aldurian Cruises