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Not to be confused with ESB Bank.

Entrepreneurship Services Bank, is universal services bank engaged in lending and commercial services targeted to small and medium enterprises.

Domiciled at the ESB Cantonment in Aqaba, it began corporate life in 1699 as a subsidiary of the Financial and Legal Directorate of the Honourable Company , lending to entrepreneurs in Constancia, and soon opened branches in Arak, Punta Santiago, Santiago in Santander, the Viscounty of Lumenetra, and Delfinenstrand, Whales. In 1699, a branch of Entrepreneurship Services Bank was opened in Sintan, Ransenar, to engage in lending and commercial services targeted to small and medium enterprises as well as refugees escaping the Scouring.

Plans are underway to expand in Ransenar, Elwynn, and Arboria, Natopia by 1700. Branches opened in Augustinium and Zylenisí in 1702.

Offices were accordingly opened for the bank in Chryse where it received the contract for receiving the petitions of those making appeals to the Chamber of Guilds and Corporations and the city's eponymous Congress. The Chryse office also used this position as an opportunity to represent itself to those supplicants seeking an audience with the High Presidium of the Benacian Union as a reputable financial institution, one that happened to be well placed to organise the complex financial transactions that such audiences necessarily entailed.

Branch offices opened in Port Benacia, UGB in 1703, and in Rusjar, Zeed, in 1704. By 1706, it had opened branches in Port Aguilar and Aguilaria in Constancia; Avey in Zeed, as well as in Petros, and Mehrshahr in Suren. In 1710, it opened a branch in Nouradin City.