Nouradin City

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Nouradin City is a popular tourist destination for Constancians and Nouvelle Alexandrie nationals, located as it is along Lake Nerub and the Nouradin River.

Discovery as a potential tourist spot after Operation Paramount

Nouradin City entered public consciousness after the Alcala Declaration, but Raspur Pact forces involved in Operation Paramount fondly remember the area as Red Beach, as it served as an amphibious landing zone for Nouvelle Alexandrie units, and as a resupply hub, similar to the role played by Susa.

In recent years, beginning 1709, Nouradin City became the capital of desalination and water research within the Imperial State, so much so that the Permanent Fund Corporation was prevailed upon to establish a billion-stater fund for this purpose, resulting in the Imperial Institute for Water Resources and Quality, a subordinate research unit of Euran University. Coupled with a generous land grant from Nouradin City to establish a campus, as well as support and cooperation from the Euran Economic Union, as well as Ransenar, it has attracted students and academicians which now form a majority of the settled populace in Nouradin City.


In 1710, Nouradin City was established as a polity by Autokratorial Decree, with Sarhang Navid Michelakis as its inaugural Governor, receiving advice from an elected Council of 50 residents. In 1711, construction began on a domestic airport that could also serve as an international gateway, as well as for a passenger ferry and container pier. Both projects were unsurprisingly awarded to ESB Construction.

Further discussions on the establishment of a Nouradin Autonomous Region likewise began soon thereafter.