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Kingdom of Ransenar
Flag of Ransenar
Coat of Arms of Ransenar
Coat of Arms
Motto: Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine.
Under the shelter of each other, people survive.
Location of Ransenar
Map versions Update 16.5.5, and later updates.
Capital Goldfield
Largest city Goldshire Hamlet, Teldrin
Official language(s)
Official religion(s)
Demonym Ransenari
 - Adjective Ransenari
Government Royal Republic
 - Queen Queen Salome
 - Lord Chief Steward Séan O’Callaghan
 - Legislature Ransenari Congress
Population 48,012,109
Currency Ransenari Erb
Abbreviation RAN
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website
National forum
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree

The Kingdom of Ransenar is a country located in eastern Benacia, consisting of XX counties that border the Shirerithian Regency to the west and the south, the Sovereign Confederation to the northwest, the Guttuli Protectorate to the south, and the Halberd Strait to the north and east. Together, these counties form Ransenar, tied together by being the core of the Shirerithian state of Goldshire, mainly the county of Ran, Elsenar, parts of northern Lunaris, and parts of western Ynnraile. The official languages are Istvanistani and Praeta. In the city of Belmuliet, where a large population of Alexandrians and Caputians have settled, Alexandrian and Martino have official language status at a local level.

The five largest cities in Ransenar are Goldshire Hamlet, Teldrin, Syrelwynn, Goldfield, and Airle. Goldfield serves as the country's capital, while the judiciary, many of the government's administrative agencies, and the Bank of Ransenar are based in Goldshire Hamlet. The country is a member of the Raspur Pact.

Ransenar is among the world's largest exporters of food and agricultural products, owing to its fertile soil and intensive agriculture.

Ransenar has been a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a unitary structure since it declared its independence from Shireroth during the Kalirion Fracture in 1673 AN. The country is deeply shaped by the philosophies and policies of the old Imperial Democratic Party, colloquially known as Aldricism.


The name of "Ransenar" comes from the Rannish and Elsenari peoples, the native tribes of Ransenar at the time of the Treesians' arrival to Benacia. The name of these peoples begat the counties of Ran and Elsenar, which became the core of the state of Goldshire in Shireroth.


Pre-Independence History

Main articles: Ran, Elsenar, Ransenar, Elsyran.

Kalirion Fracture

Main article: Kalirion Fracture

  • IDP partisans meet in Goldfield at the behest of party and community leaders, inviting members of other local factions to join, which leads to the creation of the Ransenari Congress;
  • 1st session of the Congress - a community meeting, kept the IDP and the partisans connected, originally a loyalist organization out of necessity, mainly due to the developing regional threats in the Iron Company and the expanding Guttuli Protectorate to the south. Organized a militia, party political wings and organizations, mobilized labor and farmers to join with contracts for food sales abroad (especially to Alduria).
  • 1st session adjourns, a 2nd session is called by the IDP leadership as the Verionist coup in Shirekeep takes place and the Praetor is hacked.
  • 2nd Ransenari Congress in Goldshire Hamlet - raises militias and begins to form a popular Ransenari Defense Force.

Ransenari Independence

  • 3rd Ransenari Congress meets in Goldshire Hamlet again, establishes the Kingdom of Ransenar, Proclamation of Goldshire Hamlet.
  • Ransenari Congress begins to draft a Constitution, invites the Kaiseress and the Regent to take possession of the Ransenari Throne (Canada-like arrangement).
  • Ransenari Congress passes Constitution, requests that the Kaiseress visit Goldfield to swear Oath to Constitution, Congress appoints the Lord High Steward, who then makes a big speech basically "founding" the country and setting out his vision for an independent Ransenari state, Union of Ransenar (the pursuit of reunification of all of Ransenar by taking Iron-Company held lands).
  • Concessions made by the Regency to the Iron Company in Elsenar leads to massive popular anger towards the Regency. Feeling betrayed by the Kaiseress they once loved and were loyal to, the masses began to demand that the new Kingdom declare full independence, remove the Kaiseress as monarch, and instead install Hartmut Aldric's brother Ruadh Aldric as King.

The O'Callaghan Plan

Verionist Disaster in Elsenar

Union with the Sovereign Confederation

Main article: Sovereign-Ransenari Union.

See also: Treaty of Avakir.



See: Provisional Government of the Kingdom of Ransenar.

Ransenar has a parliamentary system within the context of a constitutional monarchy. The reigning monarch is Queen Salome I of Shireroth. The person who is the Ransenari monarch is the same as the Shirerithian monarch, although both institutions and Realms are completely separate. A Regency is in place during the minority of the Queen, with Ruadh Aldric serving as Regent and Lord Protector.

The direct participation of the monarch in areas of governance is limited. In practice, the use of the executive powers is directed by the Cabinet, a committee of Ministers and Secretaries. The Cabinet is responsible to the elected Ransenari Congress and chosen and headed by the Lord High Steward, who serves as the head of government and has the capacity to act on behalf of the Kaiser in all Ransenari matters.

The Lord High Steward will usually be the individual who is the current leader of the political party that can obtain the confidence of a majority in the Ransenari Congress. The leader of the party with the second-most seats usually becomes the leader of the Loyal Opposition. The Loyal Opposition is expected to keep the government in power in check.

Ransenar is dominated by a center-right, liberal political party called the Imperial Democratic Party, which had been among the largest parties in the Folksraad and the Adelsraad. The IDP considers itself the heir of Aldricism, a pragmatic political ideology that comes from the beliefs and policy positions that Hartmut Aldric took while he served as Steward of Shireroth.

During the collapse of central authority during the Kalirion Fracture, the IDP became the primary means of organization outside of roving criminal bands that began to ravage Goldshire. Maintaining order and stability with the support of the decrepit and powerless Imperial institutions in Goldshire, it began collecting Imperial taxes and keeping them in the party coffers with the eventual goal of establishing an independent state in Ransenar.

The Ransenari Congress is a unicameral legislature composed of 317 representatives, elected by simple plurality in a designated electoral district. General elections are called by the Queen, at least every 5 AN years. Elections can also be triggered by the Quuen on the advice of the Lord High Steward or when the government loses a confidence vote in Congress.

Ransenari Monarchy

The Ransenari monarch, currently Queen Salome I of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion, is the chief of state. The Queen of Ransenar takes virtually no part in government, only taking on a ceremonial role intended to represent the history of Goldshire as a core part of the old Imperial Republic of Shireroth. The monarch and its appointed representatives in Ransenar occasionally may undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic, and representational duties. These, however, are largely limited to non-partisan functions.

Cabinet of Ransenar

Main office holders
Office Name Party Since
Lord Chief Steward Sean O'Callaghan Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of State Willihard Cason Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Defense and Security Troy Lyon Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Ransenari Reunification Sean O'Callaghan Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sean O'Callaghan Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Breweries and Tourism Fiachna McGee Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Trade and Finance Soroush Karimi Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Transportation and Communications Archembald Murdock Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Public Works and Construction Shahrokh Darzi Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Culture and Religion Helmut Lennon Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Social Solidarity and National Welfare Averill Morris Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Health and Sanitation Sadeq Kersey Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Shirerithian Affairs Azad Teagan Imperial Democratic Party 1673
Minister of Education and Technology Jean Dumariel Imperial Democratic Party 1673

Ransenari Congress

Color Political Party Seats Seat Percentage Leadership Political Ideology
Ransenari congress 1673.png
Imperial Democratic Party 210 62.4%
Ransenari Liberation Party 42 13.2%
Nationalist & Humanist Party 28 8.8%
Agrarian Party of Ransenar 21 6.6%
Golden Order Coalition 12 3.7%
Buffalo Party of Ransenar 9 2.8%
Independents or Unaligned 7 2.2%

Foreign Relations

  • Raspur Pact partnerships
  • Relationship with Alduria, exports to Alduria
  • An Imperial Constancian Embassy was established at Goldfield in 1676 [1]. This was nothing more than the diplomatic upgrading of the former Royal Constancian Consulate-General to the former Imperial Republic of Shireroth.


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