Revolutionary Army of Crisco

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Revolutionary Army of Crisco
Flag of the Criscos
Founded 1673
Type Revolutionary army
Repertoire Terrorism, Guerrilla warfare
Headquarters Montrano Manor
Size unknown
Motto Freedom from Oppression

The Revolutionary Army of Crisco, also known as the Criscos, were a popular seperatist movement in central Benacia. The movement rose in the wake of the Kalirion Fracture, and aspired to overthrow the Imperial Regency in Shirekeep, and to reunite Shireroth as a socialist democratic confederation. Following a controversial Peace deal between representatives of the Regency, the Verionist Republic and the Crisco rebels, the R.A.C. gave up its claim on the entirety of Shireroth in exchange for a significant part of Benacia, known as the Crisco Free State. In 1675, the Crisco state was annexed by the Verionist Republic as the High County of Monty Crisco. After the annexation, nicknamed Operation Monty, the R.A.C.'s influence in the region dwindled. The movement continued to exist, but is highly monitored by the Verionist authorities, and has been forced to give up their violent repertoire of action.


The main ideology of the Criscos is anti-Imperialism. For them, the Imperial Regency is an examplatory oppressive regime. In order to liberate the people of Benacia, the Criscos desire to establish a socialist confederation without any overal authority. Instead, people are free to govern themselves in local councils. The revolutionaries are extremely critical towards capitalism and trade, which they regard as tools of oppression. Instead, they propagate a type of syndicalism that would eliminate the need for trade. In areas controlled by Crisco rebels, these forms of cooperation have been set up, although the lack of any inside information makes it difficult to assess to what extent these are successful.

The Crisco rebels are controlling a sizable area in central Benacia

The group holds to Foco Theory of guerrilla warfare, and continues to attack visible targets in order to reach a wide audience.


Following the Kalirion Fracture, the inner lands of Benacia reverted to chaos. The power of the Imperial Regency was siginifcantly weakened by the Morvayne rebellion and the civil war in Shirekeep that ensued. During this time, the seperatist movement in Monty Crisco started to take off, inspired by other succesful Vulture States. However, whereas other seperatists quickly managed to reach a degree of autonomy and recognition, this failed to materialised in Monty Crisco. In response to this, socialist revolutionaries formed the Revolutionary Army, convinced that it was essential to overthrow the Imperial Regency, which they perceived to be the main obstacle to independence. The movement quickly gained a foothold in the region, occupying much of Monty Crisco as well as parts of Lunaris. The area of operation of the Criscos however reached further than that. The movement planned a series of terrorist attacks in the City of Shirekeep, as well as Teldrin.

Crisco Insurgency
Part of Kalirion Fracture
Date 30.XIV.1672 - 10.VI.1675
Location Central Benacia
Status Peace following the signing of the Treaty of Lune Villa
Revolutionary Army of Crisco Benacia Command
Commanders and leaders
Emanuel Vaix
Casualties and losses
n/a n/a

External support

Although there has been no substantiated link been found between the Criscos and other Vultures or independent countries, the rebels are rumoured to be supported by Verionists within Shireroth. Accusations of financial support from the Verionist Republic and supply of arms from the Iron Company are frequently made. The Criscos are notably avoiding any confrontation with other Vultures to the South, such as Drak-Modan and the Guttuli Protectorate.