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A timeline of some major states having received their independence from Shireroth and their territorial evolution

The Vulture States is the informal collective appellation bestowed upon the dozen or so successor states that arose from the ruins of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth in the wake of the Kalirion Fracture.

Notable vultures

Polity Name Coat of Arms Capital Territories Ruling Faction Patrons Notes
Benacian Union
Benacian Union emblem.png
Chryse Nationalist & Humanist Party
Cisamarra Seceded from Sanama
Highpass House of Niit n Taag Raspur Pact Seceded from Sanama
Kingdom of Ransenar
  • Ran, Elsenar, parts of Monty Crisco, Caverden, Ynnraile (Tyrelwynn, Teldrin) and Holwinn (controlled)
Queen Salome I (Kaiseress Salome of Shireroth) Founded in 1673 AN, early on it aimed to reunify the County of Ransenar under the rule of the Imperial Democratic Party. Upon its independence, it invited Kaiseress Salome to become its Queen. After several regional conflicts, the Kingdom achieved its goal of reunifying Ransenar and expanded into parts of Caverden and Monty Crisco under Operation Salvation.
Sanaman Union of People's Republics Sanama Coat of Arms.png Semisa City
  • Amarra
  • Sanilla
  • Cisamarra
  • Agrarian League
  • Sanaman People's Party
Imperial Republic of Shireroth
COA Shireroth.png
Shirekeep (executive)
Montran (imperial residence)
Imperial Regency established after death of Ayreon IV struggled to attain recognition as a continuation of the Imperial Republic but was able to suppress the various pretenders to the Golden Mango Throne and, during the reign of Salome, would subsequently recover the greater part of historic Brookshire through a mixture of conquest and diplomacy.
Tellian Confederation
TC CoA Temp.png
  • Hither Tellia
  • Thither Tellia
  • Vittorio Vllazërim Fabbri
  • Giuseppe Fossone
City states independent of Shireroth, gained vulture status by occupying the Mandate of Tellia

Notably dead vultures

Polity Name Coat of Arms Capital Former Territories Ruling Faction Patrons Cause of Death
Boreal Kingdoms Tala Leng, Hyperborea Shadow Witch Council War with Elwynn, conquered
Imperial Daemonic Republic of Shireroth
COA Shireroth.png
New North Shirekeep (temporary)
Shirekeep (claimed)
  • Demonsfall (New North Shirekeep)
  • Shireroth (claimed)
Kaiseress Kizzy
The Saints CF
City of Demonsfall destroyed by indiscriminate area bombing, pretender to the throne murdered by disillusioned followers.
Verionist Republic
  • Elsenar
  • Monty Crisco
  • Skyla Islands
Kaiseress Salome (courtesy title)
Viceroy Regina Verion (de facto Head of State)
  • Annexation of the Free State of Crisco in 1675 and attempt to forcibly restore the exiled Prefect of Shirekeep to office in the same year united Benacian powers against the Verionist Republic.
  • Critical failure of reactor safeguards results in a cascade failure across a network of radiological and biological research projects that had been inexplicably linked together - according to some sources this was done as a fail-safe in an attempt to render territory uninhabitable in the event of the regime's overthrow. In any event the panic engendered by this calamity precipitated the collapse of what remained of Verionist Benacia.
  • The city of Chryste was transferred to Batavia, which transferred the city to Francia.
Republic of Yardistan Ideological contradictions.
Free City of Chryste
Chryste Coat of Arms.png
Chryste Viceroy Jana Al-Basani
Emerged out of the Verionist Republic. Joined Elwynn in 1690 following the Battle of Chryse.
Frankish Empire
(Germanian: Fränkisches Reich)
  • Absentia
  • Agningas
  • Hyfrost
  • West Mishalan
  • Olesääd
  • Shireroth (feels entitled to claim according to its own constitution)
  • Tsofnland
  • Declared independently in 1672 AN by the Declaration of Brandenburg.
  • Sees itself as a legal successor of the historic Amokolia.
  • Suspended the claim on former Amokolian territories under other flags, but the treaty is no longer observedby the co-signatories.
  • Changed name from "West Amokolia" to "Francia" in 1678 AN.
  • The Raspur Pact is hostile to Francia.
  • The city of Chryste, former captial of the Verionist Republic, was transferred by Batavia.
Collapsed, transformed, and relocated.
Sovereign Confederation of Suthergold and Norestria
  • Suthergold
  • Western Wintergleam
  • Northern Ynnraille (claimed)
Speaker Doir Jen Merah Raspur Pact Self-declared as Protector of Goldshire. Joined Elwynn.
Republic of Shimmerspring Ipa.png Mortis Mercatoria Established by the Istvanistani Patriotic Army. Pacified by Sanama.
Republic of Inner Benacia
  • Ś°ecehe Yśehe (West)
  • Łe 'em Yśehe (East)
Former Shirerithian puppet state, in revolt since 1670 AN. Now part of the UGB.
Guttuli Protectorate Gatonia
  • Alexandretta
  • Lower Lunaris
  • Musica
Protectorate Military Council Brookshire Chauvinist, Bistur nos Daiunig. Rejoined Shireroth following conquest.
Emirate of Sathrati and the Imperial Dominion of the Marquessate of Zy-Rodun and the Counties of Yardistan, Amity, and Mirioth Arms Zy-Rodun2.png Novi Nigrad (Nigrad Nehix) Conducted rituals to acknowledge Imperial sovereignty over Sathrati in 1685 AN.
Bovic Draconian State in Modan
Bovic Drak-Modan Seal.png
Co-Monarchs of Drak-Modan Established as a client state under Natopia. Now ruled by a cadet branch of the Natopian imperial family. Proponent of Draconian supremacy and Reorganized Bovinism. Reunification with Shireroth followed the 1699 Drak-Modani attempted coup d'état
Ardashirshahr Elwynn
Unified Governorates of Benacia
UGB Eagle Crest.png
  • Benacia Isle
  • Eiland Salome
  • Florencia
  • Lachmeren
  • Lywall
  • Iridian Isles
  • New Blackstone
  • Transelwynn
Benacia Command
  • Ambition to replace Shireroth with a Benacian Commonwealth ultimately faltered, resulting in the establishment of a Benacian Union comprised of the UGB, mainland Elwynn, and the city state of Chryse.
  • Subsumed into the Benacian Union.