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Tassity Mansabdar

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Tassity Mansabdar
Flag of Tassity Mansabdar
Emblem of Tassity Mansabdar
Location of Tassity Mansabdar
Headquarters Tassity Until 24.XIII.1678
Current headquarters is unknown
Official language(s) Istvanistani
Type Intergovernmental military unit
 - Nawab Clara Sundara
 - Main assembly
Establishment < 1672
Organisation website
Organisation forum

The Tassity Mansabdar is a Natopian military unit. The unit is loyal to the Nawab of Tassity. Until the end of his marriage to Clara Sundara, Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy was the Nawab of Tassity. Arkadius maintained his pretence to the title of Nawab and claim upon the loyalty of the Mansabdars until his abdication in 1685 AN.

The name of the military unit is a combination of the place of origin, the city of Tassity, and the Baatharzi word "mansab", which means "rank" or "position". The name thus reflects the elitist status of the unit and the special training of the soldiers.


Through history, military unity is a secret and, above all, a hidden unity within the Natopian army. Clara Sundara received the title "Begum of Tassity" from her mother, and after her mother's death, the Tassity Mansabdar became Clara's personal bodyguard.

When Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy made a marriage proposal to Clara, he had to pass an aptitude test. It is shadowy what Arkadius had to do, but it is known that endurance and loyalty were tested. Arkadius, for example, was seduced by other women to test his loyalty to Clara.

Because Arkadius passed the aptitude test with flying colors, the soldiers of the Tassity Mansabdar vowed allegiance to Arkadius. He received the title of "Nawab of Tassity" and the Tassity Mansabdar became his personal military unit.

On 24 XIII 1678 the Tassity Mansabdar were expelled from their formal headquarters in Tassity following the outbreak of the Second Amokolian War. Arkadius carried the title "Nawab of Tassity" in his own right, after renegade elements amongst the Mansabdar swore allegiance to him again, after the divorce of Clara Sundara Waffel-Paine. The headquarters were blown up and any remaining equipment has become unusable.


The supreme commander is the Nawab of Tassity, with a few commanders below. Beyond, little was formally acknowledged during the era of fealty to Arkadius.

Joint Command Centre

Together with the Amokolian Highlanders and the Batavian Knights Charitable and Hospitaller of Amokolia, operations in and around Amokolia are organized from the Joint Command Center. The location of this center was unconfirmed, with possible locations are a bunker under the Arkadius Palace or a bunker in the Gänslein Kamm.


It is known that the Tassity Mansabdar had its own bases in the Kingdom of Amokolia and shared bases with the Amokolian Highlanders. It was, at one time, also rumoured that there was also a base on Naudia'Diva within the closed Arkadian Sector.


Few operations are known because the unit does not communicate with the press or publish anything about it. Only observations give something of an image about the activities of the Tassity Mansabdar.

Flagge der Freiheit

When Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy was invited to become king of Amokolia, he sent the Tassity Mansabdar to support the Amokolian Highlanders and the Batavian Knights Charitable and Hospitaller of Amokolia. The purpose of this joint operation was to free the kingdom from the threat of terrorism and then to transfer the maintenance or public order to the National Police.

Operation Khalibali

On 10 II 1672, Gustavus des Vinandy enlisted the help of Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy to combat piracy around the Florencia Isles. The Tassity Mansabdar was sent and the operation began as an operation at sea. Later a part of Naudia'Diva was classified as "Arkadian Sector", from where the operation was continued. The mission was completed after the pirate leader was killed. The mission on Naudia'Diva is accomplished. In a letter the King of Amokolia returned the Arkadian Sector to the Imperial Regency. The letter comes with a box containing the head of the pirate leader. The full story is worked out in The Micras Chessboard.

Operation Vigilant Resolve

The unit is mentioned in the Operation Vigilant Resolve, but has not performed any combat operations. This operation of the Raspur Pact was not taken seriously by the Tassity Mansabdar.


There is no official data about the equipment of the Tassity Mansabdar. A mobile offshore base was developed at Operation Khalibali, as one of the unit's special equipment. There are rumours that the unit has directed-energy laser weapons.