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The Sovereign Confederation of Suthergold, Norestria, and Holwinn
Flag of the Sovereign Confederation
Coat of Arms of the Sovereign Confederation
Coat of Arms
Motto: Fortune Guide
Anthem: ...
Location of the Sovereign Confederation
Map versions n/a
Capital Kingsgate/Avakair
Largest city Kingsgate, Cortallia-Rathwood, Demonsfall
Official language(s) Praeta, Istvanistani, Suthric
Official religion(s) Secular Cedrism, folk mysticism
Demonym Sovereign
 - Adjective Sovereign
Government Confederated Single Party Paternal Autocracy
 - Ryker OS 002
 - Speaker Doir Jen Mera
 - Legislature The Parliament of DARA
Establishment 1671 AN (April 13, 2019)
 - Ranked NA
Area NA
 - Ranked NA
 - Active 1
 - Ranked N/A
Currency Avak
Abbreviation SC
Time zone(s) CMT -7
National website
National forum
National animal Barn Owl
National food Eastern Lamb Stew
National drink Quiverbane
National tree Ironwood

The Sovereign Confederation of Suthergold, Norestria, and Holwinn, a so-called "vulture-state" in Benacia was proclaimed in 1671 by Ryker 001, Prime Remnant of Ryker Everstone. It controls what was once Suthergold, Central Wintergleam, Western Ynnraile, and Northern Beccunia.


A constitutional paternal autocracy, modeled off the Natopian system, augmented by a long forgotten programming system known as Robocracy, is to be established for the new Confederation. Its legislature, the Parliament of DARA, is composed of digital profile representatives synthesized by AI from the electoral preferences of each of the Confederation's two-hundred electoral districts. DARA in turn appoints a biological human as Systems Operator (SysOps), to perform the function of presiding officer via a neural interface. To make the function of the office more palatable for the biological organisms subject to the rule of DARA the post of SysOps is publicly known as the Speaker. The Speaker then appoints a cabinet of Ministers for various portfolios, including security, immigration, and national development.

Various copies of Ryker OS officially handle foreign affairs, judicial courts, and the military by appointing Advisory Secretaries to these offices and acting directly through them. In situations such that the OS might not be able to function at its ideal capacity, it would nominate a Regent on advice of the Speaker, interpreting the will of DARA, to fulfill the requirements of the OS. The Regent would sit on the supreme court, set diplomatic policy, and command the Sovereign League of Defence and Deterrence at the pleasure of the OS.

New Systems

The government of the Sovereign Confederation is structured to allow a federal system without falling into the same quagmires as the Federal Era of Shireroth. The three entities making up the confederation are Norestria (formerly the eastern half of the Countship of Suthergold) which is ruled over by the New Committee of Overnumismators (modeled after the original Assayer organization's hierarchy); Sutehrgold, a federation of historic Goldendown and Central Wintergleam governed directly by the Speaker; and Holwinn, governed by the Count of Holwinn. On external matters of government, the Parliament of DARA is given executive privilege subject to review by the Overnumismator Eminent and the Count of Holwinn, Chairs of the Soveriegn Committee.

Reasons for Independence

Shortly after the disappearance of King Ryker Everstone, most of his financially exorbitant projects were placed on hold or abandoned. The ensuing years of decaying order and two partitions left much of Goldshire disillusioned with the national exceptionalism touted by their off-and-on leader and allowed for an environment of apathy and stagnation. as the years wore on, however, and more and more fuctions of government fell subject to mismanagement and corruption, a sense of nostalgia for the more rigid days of a heavily armed Goldshire took hold of populations in more developed regions. This wave of sentimentality for law and order first took hold in Elsenar under the Iron Company and later very suddenly in Suthergold and the region surrounding Ketsire in Wintergleam under one Doir Jen Mera, who claimed to be the daughter and voice of Ryker Everstone.


Since it's independence and finalization of borders with neighboring states, the Sovereign Confederation has reorganized itself into 38 Regional Districts along historic and ethnocultural lines among its confederated entities.


Screen-grab from a propaganda video expounding upon the doctrine and methodology of the SLDD (circa 1671 AN). The actual level of attainment on the part of the organisation may at present fall some way short of this ideal.

The Sovereign League of Defense and Deterrence is a successor to the Defender's League of Suthergold that envisages itself relying heavily upon personal jet propulsion devices and a growing number of autonomous converted armour divisions coordinated remotley by the OS. For the present it remains a self-defense force operating with surplus equipment inherited from the local and imperial garrisons in the area now under its control. By pledging its continued allegiance to the Raspur Pact the Sovereign Confederation benefits from being able to draw upon the resources and personnel of allied forces on the continent.


The Sovereign Confederation sees itself as a successor to the Kingdom of Goldhire and protector of its former dominion and citiznes. The legacy of Ryker's time as Count, Duke, and King over the region gives Speaker Jen Mera a large base of support even in the newly acquired state of Holwinn. The restoration and legitimization of the Assayers in Norestria is a controversial move, though it is simply considered a formality by many in the new state. The population of Central Wintergleam has given a mixed reception to the southern government but it is largely popular in Ketsire where companies such as Ketek are once again employing large portions of the working class and recent moves to incorporate ethnically Wintergleamish parts of Suthergold have lead to a substantial uptick in support for Kingsgate. Holwinn, long a region ruled over from a distance, has been given a more traditionally Autocratic and feudal structure to govern with. A comfort to many and stabilizing factor for a region which would threaten to overextend Kingsgate's forces if a more centralized state were established so early.