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Education and indoctrination in the Benacian Union

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Education in the Benacian Union is focused upon the preparation of meritorious subjects who are instinctually loyal to the community of their realm, capable of effective labour under the direction of an appropriate authority, and who are imbued with the fundamental precepts of Humanism to the degree necessary to reconcile them to their duty. Whilst the majority of children passing through the preparatory system will be destined for the apprenticeship auctions that will place them with the liveried companies of the Guilds of Benacia, those who demonstrate athletic and intellectual excellence, or who are subject to special dispensations bestowed by authority, with be subject to higher forms of indoctrination through the Humanist Institutes in preparation for appointment to leadership positions. Eventually those identified as being most able will be retained by the Guild of Academicians and inducted into the halls of the Benacian Academy.

Foundations of education & indoctrination in the Benacian Union

The Charter of the Benacian Union mandates each realm of the Union-State to appoint a Commissioner for Public Instruction and Safety, along with a deputy commissioner to the same office, as a constituent member of the Civil Executive for that realm. As such the supervision of education falls within the broad remit of the Commissioner for Public Instruction and Safety. In his duties the Commissioner may be assisted by those tribunal inspectors assigned to his realm by the Benacian Inspectorate of Guilds whose assignments cover the Guild of Academicians and their educational activities. Education is also subject to the oversight of the Commission for the Panopticon which maintains the Office of Identity, Moral Rearmament & Enlightenment for this purpose.

Requirements for educators in the Benacian Union include membership of the Guild of Academicians and the Humanist National Sector Party for their realm.

Preparatory system

Boys and girls of the same age cohort would be assigned to separate classes in ward primary schools between the ages of seven and twelve before transferring to single-sex preparatory gymnasia at the bailiwick level in order to continue their education up to the age of fifteen. Fifteen was the age at which mandatory selection would take place, and those chosen for further education would be enrolled into the Benacian Academy while those deemed unsuitable would be put out to the guilds and corporations to be auctioned for apprenticeship.

In Elluenuueq, as a consequence of the collective punishment for the realm's Great Treachery, the mandatory selection age was set at thirteen - a state of affairs that persisted until the lifting of punitive measures in 1712 AN.

The Sovereign Confederation developed a divergent system which begins much earlier in a child's development and shifts much of the traditionally "primary" education into a new secondary school.

Education in the realm of Ransenar retained more of its pre-accession character on account of the liberties retained under the terms of the Treaty of Goldfield.

Structure in overview

Structure of the Preparatory System in the Realms of the Union-State
Chryse Elluenuueq Ransenar Sovereign Confederation Unified Governorates
School Grades Age School Grades Age School Grades Age School Grades Age School Grades Age
Primary School 1 7–8 Primary School 1 7–8 Primary School Lamb 3-6 Primary School 1 7–8
2 8–9 2 8–9 Shepherd 6-8 2 8–9
3 9–10 3 9–10 Secondary School 1 8-9 3 9–10
4 10–11 4 10–11 2 9-10 4 10–11
5 11–12 5 11–12 3 10-11 5 11–12
Gymnasia 6 12–13 Gymnasia 6 12–13 4 11-12 Gymnasia 6 12–13
7 13–14 7 13–14 Gymnasia 5 12-13 7 13–14
8 14–15 8 14–15 Tuïvaɬ 13-15 8 14–15


Practices and discipline

Apprenticeship programmes

BUDF brigade cantonment schools

ESB Reception & Indoctrination Centres

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Guild sponsored apprenticeship programmes

Humanist institutes

Main article: Humanist Institute

In the Benacian Union, the role of a Humanist Institute is to educate and prepare individuals for leadership roles within the political leadership cadres of the Union-State. These Institutes are highly selective, only accepting the best and brightest students from the preparatory schools. The education provided is rigorous and challenging, and is designed to produce graduates who are not only academically accomplished but also possess the necessary qualities of leadership, loyalty, and dedication to the principles of Humanism.

Accordingly, these institutes play a crucial role in the education and development of leaders in the Benacian Union. They provide students with a rigorous and comprehensive education, emphasizing physical discipline, indoctrination, and the principles of Humanism, along with the traditional academic subjects. Graduates of the Humanist Institutes are well-prepared for leadership roles in the community, especially within the Humanist Movement and the Benacian Academy, and are expected to serve the community with dedication and loyalty.

Benacian Academy

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