Permanent Commission Directive 1677/1

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Proposed as a motion during the 1677 Session of the Permanent Committee, held in Lindström, Natopia. First reading of the motion and debate took place on 20.III.1677. Formal vote conducted 21.III.1667.


Noting the wanton aggression of the Guttuli Protectorate against the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, a full member of the Raspur Pact, on the instance of the recent incursion beginning on 08.II.1677, and in previous instances against loyal bailiwicks in Lichport, Lowbrook, and in southern Lunaris, the Permanent Commission is convinced that a pattern of sustained predation against a member of the Pact is being consciously and deliberately premeditated and carried out by the Guttuli Protectorate.

The Permanent Commission of the Raspur Pact accordingly directs as follows:

  1. That member states shall cease, with immediate effect, all intergovernmental contact, commerce, and cooperation at any level with the regime presently styling itself as the Guttuli Protectorate, until such time as the regime shall clearly and unambiguously indicate its willingness to comply with the demands put forward by the Political Directorate of Benacia Command on 23.VIII.1673:
    • The withdrawal of all forces from Barrowfield, Lichport, and Lowbrook and the redeployment of those forces against river piracy and bandit formations operating along the upper reaches of the Red Elwynn;
    • The opening of the Red Elwynn to military and commercial traffic of the Raspur Pact;
    • The commencement of negotiations for a strategic military, political, and economic partnership plan between the Guttuli Protectorate and the Raspur Pact;
    • The Unconditional release of ex-Imperial veterans presently in held in detention, or any form of involuntary servitude, into the custody of the Sanitäts Uihmanz;
    • The immediate termination of all forms of support for terrorist organisations.
  2. That the Joint Military Council and Benacia Command shall, with all diligence and promptness, organise a thorough and comprehensive quarantine regime with regards to the Guttuli Protectorate. This quarantine shall include, but not be limited to, such measures as the sealing of the of the land-wards line of control separating the territory of Raspur Pact member states, the closure of ports in the territory of Raspur Pact member states to Guttuli flagged, registered, or owned, vessels, the closure of the air space of Raspur Pact member states to Guttuli air traffic in all forms including transit overflights, and the institution of a system of inspections in the territorial waters of Raspur Pact member states, and in international waters, to identify and confiscate Guttuli contraband goods and persons.
  3. The Armed Forces and Security and Law Enforcement Services of the member states of the Raspur Pact shall cooperate, coordinated through the offices of the Joint Military Council, and offer every practicable requested form of assistance that Benacia Command may require in upholding the quarantine.
  4. The Joint Military Council shall monitor the quarantine and the actions of the Guttuli Protectorate and report concerning the same to the Permanent Commission at the commencement of each annual session of the Permanent Commission.
  5. The member states of the Raspur Pact shall remain committed to their collective security, mindful that an attack on one can, and must, be treated as an attack upon all.


The directive was formally promulgated with effect from date of of endorsement by the Permanent Committee - with instructions communicated directly to member state governments, the Joint Military Council, and Benacia Command on the same day. Existence of the Directive formally acknowledged by Raspur Pact from 17.V.1677 following the announcement of the pursuit with intention to capture of the Jolly Froyalaner in international waters by the Navy of Ransenar after a lengthy period of covert surveillance. The capture of the Jolly Froyalaner occurring concurrently with raids upon shipping entering and leaving Torpentus Creek.