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Gerenia flag.png
Flag of Gerenia
Total population
~9 million
Regions with significant populations
Gerenia Gerenia ~9 million
Gerenian mythology

Gerenians (Gerenian: Gherenki) are people inhabiting or originating from Gerenia that share a common Gerenian culture and ancestry. After Gerenia's death, their numbers dwindled considerably.


Gerenians are composed of eleven ethnic groups or "tribes", all having their origin in planet Meeredres. The tribes lived in a same continent and established close ties to one another; as a result, they developed a common culture and formed a unified nation. Miscegenation was also common in Meeredres, and many Gerenians are of mixed descent.


Main article: Culture of Gerenia

The Gerenian culture has been influenced by the environment since the settlement in Apollonia. The musleki, koloner, and leberater tribes adapted well to the climate of northern Apollonia since they lived in the colder regions of Meeredres, and their customs were favoured over the ones of the oseski, who lived in the warmer parts of Meeredres.

Notable changes in the lifestyle of the Gerenians have also occurred: the Gregorian calendar was adopted, and the Gerenian calendar fell into disuse. English language was adopted by the government, especially to communicate with other Micrasian nations.


Main article: Demography of Gerenia

The total population of Gerenian people is estimated at 9 million. Of these, the vast majority are in mainland Gerenia and its dependencies, and a small number are in the Gerenian diaspora.