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Supreme Court of New Batavia

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Coat of arms of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of New Batavia (Hooggerechtshof) was established by the Union of Utrecht in 2007. The Supreme Court was retained by the constitutions of the Second, Third and Fourth Republic.


Abdullah van Nedersticht, Chief Justice since 2020

On October 3, 2007 Erwin V.H. was appointed Chief Justice. He remained Chief Justice until the government went into exile in 2011.

On December 9, 2020 Abdullah van Nedersticht was appointed Chief Justice.

Cases heard

Second Republic Era

Date Case name On
2008-11-30 Xander v. the Cabinet On the legality of the referendum
2009-01-26 The President v. the National Assembly On the constitutionality of the Intelligence Bill
2009-03-26 Frans v. the President On the violation of the separation of powers by the President
2009-11-23 Frans v. the National Assembly On the language of a friendship treaty and its translation into Dutch
2009-11-17 Frans v. the National Assembly On the law on the Economy of the Small Commonwealth. This law and the law on human rights were both dismissed

Fourth Republic Era

Date Case name Holding
2020-12-13 The President v. the Majlis-ash-Shoera A treaty is part of New Batavian law, hence it must be in Dutch language as per article 6 of the Constitution. The treaty between Hurmu and New Batavia is unconstitutional.