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South Corum Independence Party

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South Corum Independence Party
Onafhankelijkheidspartij van Zuid-Korum
Leader Faisal Van Looveren
Nation New Batavia
Founded 2021-01-31
Headquarters Vrijlaar
Political ideology separatism, islamic democracy
Political position right wing conservatism
Colours orange
Parliamentary seats
34 / 100

The South Corum Independence Party (SCIP, Onafhankelijkheidspartij van Zuid-Korum) is a political party in New Batavia. It was founded by Faisal Van Looveren on January 31, 2021.

Its program is a reaction against the leading Islamic Revolutionary Party and its views on the restoration of the Republic. It feels the needs of the settlers in Southern Corum, returning exiles, are being neglected by the Lucerne ruling elite.

February 2021 election program

  • Recognizing English as an official language next to Dutch
  • Provincial autonomy for the Southern Corum areas, if not, independence will be demanded
  • A clearer and more conservative form of Islamic democracy
  • Less bureaucracy

Important people

Party leader Faisal van Looveren