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Logo of the Florian Republic Armed Forces

The Florian Republic Armed Forces are the military forces of the Florian Republic and were established after post War of Lost Brothers treaty restrictions were unilaterally revoked by the Florian government in May 2019. It consists of an Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. All Florian men ranging from 18-36 must serve at least six months of military service otherwise severe penalities such as heavy fines and inprisonment of up to six months occurs. The Florian Republic Armed Forces is the successor of the Florian Security Force. The President of the Florian Republic is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. It is one of the fastest growing and largest military force's and is also one of Micras's largest arms exporters.



Service branches

Florian Army

Florian Air Force

Florian Marines

Florian Navy

Florian Air Force

Florian Coast Guard


Armoured vehicles

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
CV90120-T Ghost Florian Republic Florian Republic Stealth Tank 100 150px


Air Defence

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Air defence weapon
Laser Avenger Florian Republic Florian Republic Air defence weapon 10 Laser Avenger.jpg


Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
ADAPTOV Helicopter Florian Republic Florian Republic Transport helicopter 100 ADAPTOV Helicopter.jpg
FR 22 DINOSAUR Florian Republic Florian Republic Tactical fighter aircraft 18 received out of 25 planned FR 22 DINOSAUR.jpg
"Jingdaoese intelligence officers can confirm the stealth ability of these planes. We haven't spotted a single one of them yet."
Wui Tsan1673 AN
FA-9 Banshee A Talenore Talenore Multirole fighter aircraft 100 on order FA9 Banshee.png Delivery scheduled 1676–1680 AN
F-9 Ashavan II Talenore Talenore Air superiority fighter aircraft 105 received of 175 on order F-9 Ashavan II.png Delivery scheduled 1676–1680 AN
FLO Helicarrier Florian Republic Florian Republic Helicarrier 1 ?? FLO Helicarrier.jpg Rumours of the FRAF retrofitting salvaged Menelmacari gravimetric engines to the hulk of an ex-Florian capital ship sunk at Blythe during the War of Lost Brothers have been denied by the Florian Government as well as by the alleged facilitators of the technology transfer.


Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Auxiliary Vessels
Florimell-class Troop Landing Ship Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Troop Landing Ship 80 Transferred from Benacia Command 1675
Patrol Vessels
Melusine-class Missile Boat Constancia Constancia Missile attack craft 25 Melusine-class fast attack missile boat.png Transferred from Imperial Constancian Armed Forces 1672.
Northman-class Corvette Passio-Corum Passio-Corum / Constancia Constancia Corvette 4 Northmanclass.jpg Transferred from Imperial Constancian Armed Forces 1672.

Small Arms

Name Origin Type Quantity Photo Notes
Knives, Grenades, Miscellaneous Implements
Florian Cocktail
(Tar, sulphur, petrol, sand, & wick)
Allied Production Matrix Petrol Bomb 4,100,000 Donated by Trans-Euran Command in 1672.
Pistols / Carbines / Rifles
M1525 9 mm Pistol Allied Production Matrix Pistol 20,000 M1523 9mm Pistol.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672.
M1581 7.62 mm Machine Carbine Allied Production Matrix Carbine 30,000 M1581 7.62mm Machine Carbine.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672.
M1591 7.62 mm Rifle Allied Production Matrix Marksman Rifle 30,000 M1591 7.62 mm Rifle.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672.
M1656 9 mm SMG Allied Production Matrix Submachine Gun 100,000 M1656 SMG.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672.
Machine Guns
Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG Allied Production Matrix Heavy Machine Gun 10,000 Polybolos .50 HMG.png Supplied by ESB Group in 1672.