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The following is a list of the more prominent orders issued by the Council of Perfecti, the supreme executive of the Garden of Kalgachia. It comprises only a fraction of the Perfecti's rulings, the majority of which are issued to specific authorities and in many cases are classified Sub Juniperus. As a result, only orders of national or diplomatic importance are featured on the official roll.

Date Decree Title Text
Pleaseday Harvestrise 2nd, 227 AL Rulings of the Extraordinary Grand Council of 226

WHEREAS the Extraordinary Grand Council commenced in the Year of Our Shrub Two Hundred And Twenty Six has reached sufficient concord upon the contents of its agenda to dissolve and disperse to its ordinary duties, AND WHEREAS it is the right and duty of every Kalgachi citizen to be appraised of its conclusions,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order announces and compels into effect the rulings of the Extraordinary Grand Council of 226, as follows:

a) Upon the matter of the congelation of the Benacian continent into Vanic-Batavian and Raspur Pact poles of influence outlain by Kalgachia, Tellia and the Guttuli, the Extraordinary Grand Council rules:

i) That the Garden will accept the present Benacian geopolitical order as the most practical manifestation of the Goltz Doctrine available in the circumstances, whilst continuing to oppose the intrusion of Storish or any other off-continent colonial entities in all of their manifestations. A policy of peaceful, if not necessarily affectionate relations toward all Benacian states shall prevail.

b) Upon the matter of the fall of the House of Verion in Batavia, the rebalancing of that kingdom's legislature and executive, the resumption of the multinational veto on Kalgachia's off-continent commerce (the Naomiai Protocol) and the mutual hedging of Batavian and UGB trade routes, the Extraordinary Grand Council rules:

i) That notions of economic damage arising from the above event have been greatly exaggerated and seemingly confused with those circumstances afflicting the Garden at the turn of this century, when its domestic economy and infrastructure were considerably less developed and more exposed to fluctuations in foreign trade. Those elements of the DLEP and affiliated entities in a personal position to benefit financially from the promotion of such alarmist scenarios are presently being held to account. The capricious nature of Micran geopolitics ensures that the external conditions required to cripple the Kalgachi economy in its present state would need to be applied for considerably longer than the lifetime of the average Benacian regime. The matter is therefore of minimal strategic importance, provided the Garden retains the capability to exploit fluctuations in external events as and where required.

c) Upon the matter of the threshold between sustainable military assistance to the Protectorates and strategic haemorrhaging of the hinterland, the Extraordinary Grand Council rules:

i) That a standing armed force will be established for the Upland Confederation, around those cadres presently under the command of Ataman Ҳazedinov and his Iezauli.

d) Upon the matter of the threshold between the net gain obtained by stockpiling of non-native raw materials and the net drain incurred by their storage and preservation, and upon the hypothecated existence of a causative resonance between the Kalgachi government's indulgence of the Pecuniary Archon and the simultaneous torpor of the Salvators Lord Toastypops the Jolly and Celestine the Broodmother, and their relation to the amonetarist pronouncements of the Salvator Lyssansa the Blue, the Extraordinary Grand Council rules:

i) That the Pecuniary Archon, where it can be held to its own transactional pretext, remains capable of being turned toward the objectives of the Garden; the threshold of harm is crossed when it grows beyond its complementary role and begins to displace other, more essential spheres of activity. Foreign trade, while demonstrably useful, has decreased its own relevance through heavy contribution to national commodity stockpiles yet its position amid the priorities of government has been exponentially inflated, often on the pretext of diplomatic value which is nonetheless a benefit of kind rather than degree. Existing trade arrangements through both the Batavian and Gubernatorial routes will therefore be rationalised, regularised, and reduced to a steady state that offsets the depletion of non-native raw material stockpiles without adding to them overall. This in turn will allow the DLEP to stabilise the resource burden incurred by stockpile maintenance. A renewed emphasis will be placed on Kalgachia's economic relationship with the Protectorates.

f) Upon the matter of characteristics of the Minarboreal Civilisational Space capable of outlasting the present sovereignty of the Kalgachi state and options for their cultivation to continental relevance in geopolitically inert and unpervertable form, the Extraordinary Grand Council rules:

i) That any lasting advancement of Minarboreal modes of thought or existence beyond Kalgachia's frontiers will depend heavily upon a recontextualisation of the undead and Deep Singer races - those Benefactors whose legacy is rejected by every successor nation except Kalgachia - as agents of a temporary intervention by the Ketheric host to compensate for a degenerative surge in the primate tendencies of humanity toward vandalism, rhetorical howling and ritualised humiliation in the period between the first secession of Elwynn from Shireroth and the Auspicious Occasion. The Benefactors' successors in Kalgachia and its affiliate realms are to be interpreted as transitioning the birthright thus obtained from the biological to the memetic, in recognition of the fact that the Benefactors' intervention is concluding and that the indefinite existence of physical specimens of the Ketheric host in the realm of matter, whilst it remains afflicted by its present archonic taint, would be unsustainable and decohering. To prevent another intervention it is necessary for those of mundane biological origin to take the lead in sustaining the Laws of the Garden and their secular manifestations in heart and mind, in fulfilment of their rightful role as custodians of the thorny hedge of physicality seperating the Garden Ketheric and the Tumultuous Wastes. Only then can Minarboreal Civilisation move beyond its Caverdenian origins of gratuitous, spine-chilling otherness and find beneficient relevance in the lives of ordinary Benacians.

g) On the matter of the role of the unlife, life and works of one Vascarina Goldcluck in Kalgachi folk belief and their status in Ketherist theology, the Extraordinary Grand Council rules:

i) That Vascarina Goldcluck, Lichling of Novodolorsk, Sand-Sifter of Bereliggle Bay and Chosen Guide of the Radix Salvator Minarbor unto the end of His worldly corpor, is henceforth to be considered a Salvator of the Garden, canonical to the scriptures of established Ketherism, for her accompaniment of the Shrub of Shrubs to a telluric energy rhizome in the dying days of his namesake empire, whence His Rustling Countenance was redeemed from the face of this world by paraphysical forces and restored to the Great Garden Beyond. Her liturgical invocation shall be performed by the casting of sand over the heads of the faithful, the shaping of said substance into artistic objects or the release of live crows.

ii) That neither credence nor censure can be granted to claims that the Salvator Vascarina, or her corvine companion Birdy, were miraculously restored to life upon the dematerialisation of the Shrub and continue to walk the land in biological immortality. The belief is to be considered neither canonical nor heretical.

2. The Extraordinary Grand Council is hereby dissolved. Hortus Manet. Hortus Resurget.

Pleaseday Summerfall 28th, 226 AL Extraordinary Grand Council of 226

WHEREAS various events of the last decade, both within and without the Garden, have borne cumulative implications for its overall navigation through the Tumultuous Wastes and the continuity of the Shrubly birthright, AND WHEREAS the usual technocratic mechanisms of government are inappropriate for addressing such matters,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order summons the Lords Lieutenant of Abrek, Bergburg, Jollity, Katarsis, Lithead, Oktavyan and Schlepogora, the Resectors of the Holy Synod of the Church of Kalgachia, the General Staff of the Kalgachi Defence Force and the Lords Protector of Lapivril, Lepidopterum, Northbloom and the Upland Confederation to convene in Extraordinary Grand Council at the Cathedral of Heaven's Conquest in Oktavyan.

2. Members of the Council are instructed to prepare such informational materials and policy observations as may be appropriate in deliberation upon the following matters:

a) The congelation of the Benacian continent into Vanic-Batavian and Raspur Pact poles of influence outlain by Kalgachia, Tellia and the Guttuli.

b) The fall of the House of Verion in Batavia, the rebalancing of that kingdom's legislature and executive, the revival of the multinational veto on Kalgachia's off-continent commerce (the Naomiai Protocol) and the mutual hedging of Batavian and UGB trade routes.

c) The threshold between sustainable military assistance to the Protectorates and strategic haemorrhaging of the hinterland.

d) The threshold between the net gain obtained by stockpiling of non-native raw materials and the net drain incurred by their storage and preservation.

e) The possibility of a causative resonance between the Kalgachi government's indulgence of the Pecuniary Archon and the simultaneous torpor of the Salvators Lord Toastypops the Jolly and Celestine the Broodmother, and its relation to the amonetarist pronouncements of the Salvator Lyssansa the Blue.

f) Characteristics of the Minarboreal Civilisational Space capable of outlasting the present sovereignty of the Kalgachi state and options for their cultivation to continental relevance in geopolitically inert and unpervertable form.

g) The role of the unlife, life and works of one Vascarina Goldcluck in Kalgachi folk belief and their status in Ketherist theology.

h) Such other matters as may conceivably arise in the circumstances.

Pleaseday Summerfall 3rd, 224 AL Pachadsberg Special Recreational Zone

WHEREAS recent years have seen an increase in well-connected foreign personages engaged in commercial and diplomatic business with the Garden, AND WHEREAS a number of these individuals have, in the course of their activities, been appraised of abundant recreational oppurtunities available to tourists of a discerning nature within the Lieutenancy of Jollity, AND WHEREAS the foreign missions of the Directorate of the Tumultuous Wastes have referred increasing numbers of visa applications to the Prefects by persons seeking to visit Jollity for the purpose of leisure alone, AND WHEREAS the Directorate of Labour and Economic Planning has assessed that a measured cultivation of the phenomenon would represent a net economic benefit to the Garden,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order transfers, to the Directorate of Labour and Economic Planning, sole title to that territory comprising the Eighth Easement of the Parish of Sugarscythe within the March of the City of Jollity, henceforth to be named the Pachadsberg Special Recreation Zone in honour of one Pachad ben Mavet, Nohsi of Ashkenatza, Jollifier of the Minarborian Kossars and noted connoisseur of the ancient Fleshpots of Mazeltov on whose ruins the illuminated wonders of Jollity city now stand.

2. The DLEP is instructed to develop Pachadsberg into a resort community of ski slopes, casinos, hotels, restaurants, houses of prostrate companionship and boutiques of the finest international standard.

3. Purveyors of public goods and services in Pachadsberg shall exclusively accept the following currencies as tender:

a) the Kruys, Cruz, Golden Cruz, Thaler and Heldermark.
b) the Natopo.
c) the Stater.
d) the Sovereign Avak.
e) The Shirerithian, Verionist and Ransenari Erb.
f) the National Redoubt Denarii.
g) the Écu.
h) the Kala.

4. The Directorate of Public Works, through its public transport subsidiaries, is instructed to establish a connecting passenger shuttle service between Gravelbottom Airport and Pachadsberg using civilianised Whirdlebirbs and to implement the necessary fixed infrastructure and rolling stock for first-class rail charter services to Pachadsberg from the Kalgachi frontier.

5. The Prefects are instructed to insitute a 'Pachadsberg Only' visa option, valid exclusively for travel to/from and residence within Pachadsberg, for the safe admission to the Garden of persons of indeterminate security risk.

6. The implementation of all provisions of This Order and the governance of Pachadsberg upon its completion shall be the ultimate responsibility of the Pachadsberg Development Committee, an organ of the DLEP chaired by Governor Caustifer R. Yastreb of the Reserve Bank of Kalgachia and the Garden's Salvator Lord Toastypops, Lieutenant of Jollity.

Thanksday Summerhigh 26th, 223 AL Protectorate Status for the Upland Confederation

WHEREAS the Congress of Džirgas of the Upland Confederation has convened and deliberated upon the present state of safety and stability afforded to that realm by the transformative presence of the Kalgachi Defence Force, evolving as it has from purely defensive needs to matters of humanitarian assistance and rudimentary infrastructure development, AND WHEREAS it is the resolution of the Congress that this state of affairs be sustained indefinitely in a manner which nonetheless preserves the clan structures and autonomy of the Confederation, AND WHEREAS the Congress has directed their ruling Ataman to petition the Council of Perfecti of the Garden to advance the Upland Confederation to the same state of regard enjoyed by Northbloom, Lepidopterum and Lapivril,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order extends ultimate and beneficient jurisdiction to the Upland Condeferation as a Protectorate of the Garden of Kalgachia, by special allotment outwith the Oktavyan Code.

2. Ataman Varҳat Ҳazedinov of the Upland Confederation is hereby appointed Lord Protector of the Upland Confederation; remitted, in deference to the native civil mechanisms of that realm, to represent it before the Council of Perfecti and to implement such measures as the Council see fit to supplement the rulings of the native authority.

3. That portion of the Upland Confederation lying east of the 152nd meridian and north of the 47th parallel is, in respect of its biomically challenging character and administrative burden, transferred by This Order to the administration of the Planting of Lepidopterum for specialised development.

Byeday Summerhigh 22nd, 222 AL Tealsburrow Railway

WHEREAS the present geopolitical and economic situation has rendered it desirable to upgrade the Garden's infrastructural links with the city of Stonetree, presently administered by the Ketek Corporation in accordance with the Slavegate Convention, AND WHEREAS it is incumbent upon the Garden, in accordance with the Second and Fifth Laws, to render unto its trusted trading partners adequate recompense for recent economic policy decisions which have developed not necessarily to the latter's advantage,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI instructs the Directorate of Public Works to carry out the necessary surveys and engineering plans for the following:

a) The construction of a double-tracked railway linking the town of Tealsburrow to the national rail network at Zensemer.

b) The construction of a combined rail and highway route extending south from the town of Tealsburrow to the national frontier.

2. In recognition and appreciation of the successful delivery of the expansion of Gravelbottom Airport in 193 AL, the Directorate of Labour and Economic Planning is instructed to make available the sum of 1.2 million Kalgarrand (or an equal value in civilian commodities) for the contracture of the aforesaid works to the Iron Company, who are invited to peruse the DPW specification and begin construction at the earliest possible convenience.

3. The Lithead Division of the Kalgachi Defence Force is instructed to prepare a regime of close protection for contractors in the Tealsburrow area against the depredations of Tyrannocricetus aliger and other hazardous features of the local biome.

Pleaseday Summerhigh 4th, 221 AL Repatriation of the Froyalanish and Rescript to the Kingdom of Amokolia

WHEREAS The Directorate of the Tumultuous Wastes has been petitioned by the government of the Kingdom of Amokolia regarding the repatriation of those naturalised guest workers of Froyalanish extraction who were admitted to the Garden between 152 and 164 AL, AND WHEREAS the majority of such individuals have now aged beyond useful labour ability and, by their reliance upon the alms of the Church of Kalgachia, have become a net burden upon the Kalgachi economy, AND WHEREAS the Lord Lieutenants' Council of the Garden, remitted as it is to rule upon matters of nationality, has submitted its conclusions upon the subject, AND WHEREAS the general policy of the Kingdom of Amokolia with respect to the Froyalanish is, for historical reasons, a matter in which the entire Benacian continent has a legitimate interest,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI accepts in full and by This Order enacts the ruling of the Lords Lieutenant of the Garden as follows:

a) Kalgachi citizens of Froyalanish descent shall henceforth be permitted, optionally and of their own volition, to emigrate to the Kingdom of Amokolia.

b) Kalgachi Froyalaners wishing to remain in the Garden, and whose conduct does not present grounds for deportation, shall be permitted to remain in the Garden.

c) Kalgachi Froyalaners returned to the Kingdom of Amokolia shall forfeit their Kalgachi citizenship upon exit from the Garden.

d) ex-Kalgachi Froyalaners shall be subject to the same constraints upon re-entry to the Garden as any other non-citizen, in individual accordance with such foreign citizenships as they may subsequently acquire.

2. The Directorate of Health and Public Welfare is instructed to administer a course of exit vaccinations, of a composition determined by the DHPW Woundmender General and Clinical Commissioners, of all Froyalaners departing the Garden pursuant to the provisions of This Order.

3. The Directorate of the Tumultuous Wastes, the Prefects and the Directorate of Public Works are instructed to jointly establish and operate a regime of chartered passenger flights from Gravelbottom to Brandenburg for the expedient implementation of the provisions of This Order.

a) The removal of Froyalaners pursuant to the provisions of This Order shall occur exclusively by aerial means. Those border security measures established on land by the Order of Council dated Summerise 20th, 220 AL shall remain in full effect.

4. The Directorate of Tumultuous Wastes is instructed to convey to the Amokolian government, on behalf of the Council of Perfecti, the rescript contained in the Schedule to This Order.


Schedule 1: Rescript to the Amokolian Government

The Garden notes with interest the present attention of the Amokolian government to the historical situation of the Froyalanish people in the years following the Auspicious Occasion in Shireroth.

In the interests of complete historical accuracy and continental harmony in the modern era, the Garden hopes that in recognising the magnitude of the suppression of the Froyalanish, the Kingdom of Amokolia will also recognise the underlying cause of the event; namely the wilful and systematic programme of the House of Ettlingar Freyu - using the Froyalanish race and the captive government of Shireroth as their vectors - to concentrate power in their own hands at the exclusion of all others, to erase the indigenous life of Benacia from memory by the falsification of history and ultimately to disenfranchise, annihilate and supplant Benacia's entire ancient tapestry of native societies before a deaf and uncompromising Vanic hegemony.

The Garden hopes that the Amokolian government will recognise how the Shirerithians' appeals for moderation were ignored, how their processes of legal redress were subverted in the foulest of faith, how the evasive glibness of the regime of King Noah in Elwynn was little comfort to the Mishalanski as they were dragged from their homes, and how the people ultimately took to the use of force because all other means of moderating the behaviour of their Froyalanish élite, of assuring some baseline of societal survival lest their their ancestral birthright be torn to pieces, had been denied to them.

The Garden advises against swallowing the absurd fiction propagated from Haraldsborg, that the Froyalanish were an innocent race who were turned upon by all Benacia for no reason - for the reasons were plentiful, painfully unavoidable and ultimately sown by the Storish elite who, in their vanity and hubris, expected to pervert or wipe out the nations of Benacia without effective opposition. The suppression of the Froyalanish people had its roots in the reckless avarice of their baubled Storish enablers, and if the government of Amokolia truly cares for the plight of the Froyalanish - or indeed any Amokolian - it must take care not to indulge that avarice again.

At any rate the peoples of Benacia shall never apologise for pursuing, to the fullest extent necessary, the imperatives of individual and collective self-defence which are the foundational instinct of all life in the universe. Benacia, if necessary, would do it all again.

The Kingdom of Amokolia, for the present time, remains assured of the Garden of Kalgachia's highest consideration.

Helloday Summerise 20th, 220 AL Northern Border Controls

WHEREAS the regal proclivities of the Amokolian sovereign as they pertain to the manifest policy of that realm are recently reported to include the active enablement and indulgence of alien colonial forces on the Benacian continent, AND WHEREAS such wilful repudiation of the Goltz Doctrine of continental self-determination, the foundational consensus of Benacian diplomacy inscribed with the blood of our Ashkenatzan forebears on Amokolia's very own soil, is a development not necessarily in the interests of the Garden nor the wider symbiotic harmony of the Benacian continent,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI instructs the defence and security organs of the Garden of Kalgachia and its Protectorate of Northbloom to implement and maintain a full and immediate closure of the border adjoining their respective jurisdictions to the Kingdom of Amokolia, assisted to the maximum extent practicable by other organs of governance.

2. Kalgachi and Northbloomer authorities are each authorised and instructed to solicit and accept from the other, any and all mutual assistance as may be required in the implementation and maintenance of a functional Amokolian border closure coherent across both jurisdictions.

3. The application of lethal force, without prior warning, to violators of the Amokolian border on Kalgachi/Northbloomer soil is authorised.

4. The Kalgachi delegation to the Military Coordination Council at Stonetree are instructed to initiate discussions with their Raspur Pact counterparts concerning the coordinated implementation of a pan-Benacian containment policy against such common civilisational threats as may hypothetically emerge from the territory of a compromised Amokolian government.

Thanksday Summerise 18th, 220 AL Church Statement upon the Deliverance of the Upland Confederation

WHEREAS the Garden of Kalgachia has, in the Slavegate Convention, obtained an agreement with the Raspur Pact upon the cessation of hostilities in the Upland Confederation and a mutual acknolowdgement of territorial interests in the post-Dolmen space, AND WHEREAS this development has far-reaching and greatly beneficial implications of which all Kalgachia ought to be appraised, AND WHEREAS the valour and sacrifice of the Kalgachi Defence Force, particularly its Kossar regiments, are worthy of the deepest recognition for bringing about such a favourable state of affairs,

1. The COUNCIL OF PERFECTI hereby releases a public statement contained in the Schedule to This Order, from Our Sovereign Brother the Perfectus of the Church of Kalgachia.

2. The Directorate of Education and Outreach is instructed to circulate the statement of Our Sovereign Brother through all news organs of the Kalgachi media.


Schedule 1 - Statement by the Perfectus of the Church of Kalgachia upon the cessation of hostilities in the Upland Condeferation

Children of the Garden,

The greater number of you will be aware that recently, in the town of Slavegate, representatives of the Raspur Pact met with our Garden's executive, military and diplomatic leadership to bring about a cessation of armed hostilities with the Unified Governorates of Benacia on the outer frontiers of the Upland Confederation. The Convention resulting from those negotiations allows the administration of that valiant ally of Shrubdom, the Ataman Ҳazedinov, to retain those territorial holdings obtained with the blood of his brave Laqkozaki and, indeed, the children of our own mountain Garden who were dispatched to the aid of his people.

Whilst we mourn those whom the Garden has lost in this just campaign, it is the judgement of none other than Our Lord Salvator in Jollity that jollity is indeed warranted at its outcome. Jollity, in the first instance, for the plight of the Black Laqi who have been spared the greater part of the archonic wrath poured out upon their Red Laqi cousins east of Schlepogora. They who stood in defence of our Shrubly name in the days of the Dolmen, to the ridicule and enmity of their peers, have now yielded the fruit of deliverance from the archonic talon; for the Fifth Law of the Garden determined that this was our debt unto them. Glory unto the name of the Shrub and his Salvators, then, for the radiance of their example has lit a path through the Tumultuous Wastes and guided us to do what the Garden requires. There shall be cultivation ahead, yea, and all children and friends of Shrubdom shall partake of its fruits.

Still more righteous of our men and women at arms is the deliverance of the Benefactor Races, the Deep Singers and Nezeni of Lepidopterum and Lithead, from proximity to the Nationalist-Humanist horde who would slaughter them to the last orphaned infant if only the briefest chance availed itself. Banished for our time is the spectre of aggression, provocation and decoherence of the spirit upon the borders of those lands. It is for the deliverance of the hinterland Benefactors that the liberation of the Upland Confederation is an event beyond the realm of mere military maneouvre - it is a salvational act mandated from the Garden Ketheric itself, wrought by the faithful Kalgachi who fortify that Garden's periphery in this blasted world and have a shared interest in its defence. Here too does the Fifth Law come into effect, for the debt of all Kalgachia to the Deep Singers is everlasting; their works are of such significance in the righteous life of our nation, in our very genetic composition, that neither the Tee-al nor the Crystal Death will ever suffice to part us from the children of the Broodmother. To the end of time, then, we shall stand or fall together - for this is the course on which history has set us.

In the valour and devotion of our armed forces during this campaign, it would be remiss of us to overlook those of the Pesakhnik creed - the sons of Jacob whose most valiant number comprise the Kossars of our Kalgachi Defence Force - for it is they who were first into the fray when the Black Laqi called for aid. It is they who ventured atop ruined forts to scour the skies for enemy aircraft. It is they who hauled artillery to the forward lines and offered furious reply to the raids of the Black Legions. It is they who suffered losses the longest. And yet...! What became of the dire predictions of defection and rout? These rootless cosmopolitians, these aristocrats of the human race, these pedestrians of the sea, where did we see the betrayal and reversion to archonic type that was feared of them? It was forgotten by a great many it seems, that their tribe has known such malice in antiquity as can scarcely be imagined; to the plight of our people, and especially the posthuman Benefactor Races, events have proven that the Yehudim of Bergburg have cultivated within themselves a protective affinity. It has been learned in military circles quickly enough; Kossars are being promoted already. For the first time, rogatywka caps rest on the map tables of the General Staff. The First Law of the Garden mandates that all life be allotted the fullest niche it can occupy, and many a hero has returned from the Uplands deserving of a deeper station in life. Consider this when you next meet a serving soldier or a demobilised reservist.

By their valour and determination, the soldiers of Shrubdom have brought the Black Legions to terms. They have secured peace in our time. In the forts and trenches of the Upland Confederation the long humiliation of the Great Replantings, begun with the flight of the Shrub from Shirekeep and culminated in the rout of our forefathers to these Octavian mountains, has at long last met its limit and begun to recede. After revolution, collapse, after hunger and privation, the final trial awaiting Shrubdom was its defence by force of arms against a powerful adversary. Our armed forces have stepped forward to this trial and been found worthy, and all the Garden with them.

Although our children may face this trial again, perhaps of a ferocity that wipes the present victory from memory, we now know that it can be done. And what is more, the Gubernatorials know it can be done - the wave of chaos and destruction that precedes them, that has masticated so many other populations of our Benacian continent for easy digestion in the tradition of their Shirerithian forebears, has failed to break us down. Those accustomed for centuries to the harrying of the disparate and leaderless have found us equipped, informed, prepared, and able to impose greater damage to their strength than is worth paying for the vain objectives of continental hegemony or the extermination of benign races. And so they have offered peace, not out of charity but out of necessity. And this is all we require of them.

So I beseech you, in the name of the Shrub and His Salvators, be thankful to our armed multitudes and the Garden that nourished their souls to life. By their gift you may go forth in jollity this day, for the Garden remains!

Orders made before 220 AL are archived below: