Kalgachi Orders of Council/The 210s

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Date Decree Title Text
Byeday Summerise 8th, 218 AL Operation Broodmother III: Occupation Phase

WHEREAS the Black Legions of the Unified Governorates of Benacia have, in support of that entity's claim to the territory of the Garden's neighbours and allies in the Upland Confederation, engaged in a sustained aerial assault upon that territory whose casualties include many serving personnel of the Kalgachi Defence Force, AND WHEREAS free range of the aforenamed territory, or any territory abutting the prevailing domains of our Deep Singer benefactors, by any entity enthralled to the Nationalist-Humanist creed, remains existentially intolerable to the Garden, AND WHEREAS the particular nature of the aforenamed ideology suffers force and force alone to moderate its proclivity for degenerate martial excesses, YET WHEREAS the strategic interest of the Gubernatorial regime in bleeding the flower of Shrubdom dry upon Benacia's turbid lowlands, representing as it does a wilful cultivation and exploitation of the archonic fixation, compels prudence and moderation in the Garden's response,

1. The COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order commands the Kalgachi Defence Force to secure the Garden's interests in the Upland Confederation by full occupation of its defensive depth within the existing and expanded auspices of Operation Broodmother III, with emphasis on the following objectives:

a) The provision of ground-based air defence sufficient in coverage and potency to effect threatened or actualised losses, and consequent strain on industrial and personnel resources, of a level greater than the Upland Confederation's strategic value to the regime in Merensk.

b) The acceleration and population of the arrangements for ground defence currently supervised by the administration of Ataman Ҳazedinov, toward an extent and quality sufficient to halt and/or reverse a direct combined arms assault up to army group scale backed by gravimetric and space assets.

2. The following KDF units are to be mobilised and released for the above purpose within the following forty-eight hours:

a) The Fire Division.

b) The 3rd Katarsis Division.

c) The 4th Jollity Division.

d) The 6th Bergburg Division.

e) The 8th Oktavyan Division.

f) All rail-mounted artillery units of the Fortress Division.

g) The entirety of Reserve Army North.

3. To facilitate the deployment of the above forces, the Directorate of Public Works is instructed to close to civilian traffic all railways and principal highways in the Lieutenancies of Abrek, Katarsis, Jollity, Bergburg and Western Lithead for the following seventy-two hours. The DPW is authorised to deputise without limit such formations of Prefects and Church partisans as may be required to assist in the task.

4. The ballistic missile component of the Fortress Division is to assume full alert status. All leave is cancelled.

5. The Directorate of the Tumultuous Wastes is instructed to convey through appropriate channels to the governments of all Western Benacian powers that a no-fly zone is in effect over all territory of the Upland Confederaton until further notice. Aircraft of any origin breaching this zone will be fired upon without warning.

6. Ground assault, ground reconnaissance or strategic munitions delivery outside the territory of the Upland Confederation by the forces named in This Order is strictly prohibited without direct and explicit authorisation from KDF Deep Command.

Thanksday Springfall 18th, 216 AL Autonomy of Lapivril

WHEREAS our occluded brethren, by their subtle and ingenious works in the development of Lapivril, have cultivated in those sublime depths a social order increasingly advanced from the customs and concerns of the surface, AND WHEREAS in such circumstances the incorporation of that territory into the normal structures of Kalgachi state is no longer tenable,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order releases the Lieutenancy of Lapivril from the provisions of the Oktavyan Code and shall approach it henceforth as a Protectorate of the Garden, with such autonomy in its affairs as is enjoyed by Northbloom and Lepidopterum.

Thanksday Springfall 18th, 216 AL Reform of the Oktavyan Code

WHEREAS historical developments of recent years, both within and without the Garden, must be acknowledged and reflected in law to maintain the efficiency and relevance of the Kalgachi state in modern times,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order reforms the Oktavyan Code to the Revision of Springfall 18th, 216 Anno Libertatis, with the following adjustments:

a) Transfer of the power to appoint or dismiss Chairpersons of the Council of Perfecti from the Troglodyti to the Council itself.

b) The striking of all references to the Lieutenancy of Lapivril in preparation for its conversion to a Protectorate of the Garden.

c) A relaxation of the prohibition on imports or exports of food between Kalgachia and its Protectorates.

d) A codification of visa-free entry to Kalgachia by citizens of the Protectorates.

e) The inclusion of the Storish to provisions pertaining to the Froyalanish.

e) The institution of a Certificate of Ethnicity for Kalgachi citizens, with an expansion and finer delineation of its function in civic affairs.

f) A prohibition of Elianism and similar manifestations of invasive Jacobinism.

g) Various technical amendments, removals of historically-moribund provisions and archonic language.

Helloday Springfall 5th, 214 AL Cause for Mourning

WHEREAS the Garden of Kalgachia has lost a noted luminary of its foundational era, AND WHEREAS the people of Kalgachia, as prime beneficiaries of his works, are entitled to solemn appraisal of the fact, AND WHEREAS funereal arrangements befitting his legacy to the Garden are a matter of some importance,

1. THE COUNCIL OF PERFECTI by This Order announces with lacrimal regret the death of one Xantus Albedevich Zmeysyn Yastreb, tireless sower and cultivator of our shared Garden, from complications of latent genotypic incompatibility.

2. The Council offers in recognition of the deceased, the following brief obituary:

Xantus Yastreb was born in the Shrubly Shade Correctional Colony outside Stonetree (now Bagegeniśort) where his father, Albede Yastreb, was serving a remedial term for leading the Harvestfall Revolution against the government of Minarboria. The decision by Albede and his wife Prethil Nal - latterly the Lady Protector of Lepidopterum - to create a child called for an unusual combination of lich and Deep Singer genetic material outside approved iterational protocols, an exception granted for experimental purposes after lobbying from the Shrubly Shade colony administration. Although born alive and largely functional, Xantus entered this world with a burdensome array of minor genetic defects which would ultimately combine to bring about his demise, and which make his accomplishments in life all the more remarkable. Released from Shrubly Shade in 134 AL for good behaviour and academic competence, Xantus was ordained into the Minarborian church as a mendicant Dissitor.

Xantus was travelling through Highbloom when the Minarborian state experienced its final collapse in 141 AL and like countless thousands of other Minarborealist clerics, he found himself compelled to rally the frightened population around him in the absence of a functioning government. Xantus was one of the first to recognise the value of the Octavian mountains as a place of refuge and reconsolidation, along with the value of sympathetic Laqi warbands in defending his weakened charges and requisitioning wealth for them out of the shattered post-Minarborian wastes. Linking up with similarly-inclined clerics and their own columns of refugees, Xantus would eventually supervise the relocation of some sixteen million Minarborians into the land now known as Kalgachia.

Moreover, it can now be revealed, it was Xantus Yastreb who convened his fellow clerics into the very first Council of Perfecti and established the Kalgachi state. To the name and face of Xantus Yastreb goes the honour of the fatherhood of our nation, the cultivation of our sublime mountain garden from a heap of uncaring granite hitherto neglected by all the civilisations of Benacia. In this capacity did Xantus guide the Garden's sovereign Perfecti over the coming years - even through the premature death of his wife, the noted Pedagodue General Ilessa Aerit - until 191 AL, when his increasing illness called him to a life of well-earned rest in the Karymovka Sanatorium of Schlepogora; previously the private seat of his family, which he had given over to the DHPW for the health of the nation.

Xantus is survived by his mother, the Lady Protector of Lepidopterum whose fully-iterated Deep Singer constitution, whilst leaving her blissfully free of her son's genetic problems and blessed with indefinitely-advanced years, nonetheless now burdens her with the painful duty of her son's burial. She is joined in grief by their two children; the Lady Lieutenant Rubina Yastreb of Oktavyan, and one Falcifer Yastreb presently engaged in government service.

Xantus Yastreb is gone among the Ketheric Host; yet thanks to his loving work for us all, The Garden Remains.

3. A Funeral Committee shall be established to attend to the burial and post-mortem affairs of the deceased, comprised of the following persons in the order of precedence given:

a) Prethil Nal, Lady Protector of Lepidopterum.

b) The Salvator Celestine Vivienne Hypatia de Taniere-Gaudin, Broodmother of the Garden.

c) Rubina Xantievna Prepodava Yastreb, Lady Lieutenant of Oktayan and Chair of the Lord Lieutenants' Council.

d) Falcifer Xantievich Yastreb, presently engaged in government service.

4. The Funeral Committee shall proceed according to the Last Will and Testament of the deceased, as notarised by Our Sovereign Brother the Perfectus for Health and Public Welfare in the year 212 Anno Libertatis and given in Schedule 1 of This Order.

+ + +

Schedule 1 - Last Will and Testament of Xantus A.Z. Yastreb

I worked in low profile and I shall be buried in low profile - a coffin filled with soil and/or scree from each of Kalgachia's Lieutenancies and Protectorates, interred alongside the remains of my late wife in the grounds of the Abiding Rustle Elementary School in the parish of Frostypeeps, March of Retention, Oktavyan Lieutenancy. The Resectors of the Holy Synod of the Church of Kalgachia shall be my pallbearers, the parish partisans of Frostypeeps shall provide the guard and their Credent shall lead the funeral procession. Attendance shall be limited to my relatives, the Salvator Celestine, the Lords Lieutenant, serving and retired Perfecti and such inhabitants of the parish of Frostypeeps as might wish to attend. The burial shall be conducted in accordance with Ketherist rites by my Brother Sovereign the Perfectus for the Church of Kalgachia. A single eulogy by the benefactor of my youth, the Salvator Celestine the Broodmother, shall be permitted in which she might wish to pass final judgement upon my life and works on behalf of the Ketheric Host.

My material possessions and the entirety of my financial assets are left to my grandson, Caustifer, conditional upon his completion of the Urchagin within the allotted age range. In the event that this does not occur, I forfeit all of the above to the Directorate of Labour and Economic Planning for disposal upon the open market.

Words never came so easily to me as actions; such is the creed of the Great Garden Beyond into which, Shrub willing, I shall shortly enter. May its dappled glades rustle on in the hearts of you whom I have left, and may my works be surpassed out of memory by your future glories. To the Ketheric Host I carry this faith and to their number I commend the souls of you all, my loving Kalgachi people. Redemption shall know you yet.

- X.A.Z.Y.