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Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan
Flag of Drak-Modan
Coat of Arms of Drak-Modan
Coat of Arms
Motto: Lo facciamo nostro
Anthem: The Spirit of Cow Like Butter is Melting
Location of Drak-Modan
Map versions 16.5.0 - present
Capital Drakorda
Largest city Modan Hamlet, Karamola
Official language(s) Natspeak Administrative
Official religion(s) Bovinism
Demonym Drak-Modani
 - Adjective Drak-Modani
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - King Nathan II
 - Chancellor Davit Teimuraz
 - Legislature The Fury
Establishment 23 Friedeber 1671 AN (April 15, 2019)
Area NA
Population ~45,000,000
Currency Natopo (₦)
Abbreviation DRM
Driving side
Time zone(s) CMT-9, CMT-8
National website
National forum [1]
National animal Sehml's ass (Equus sehmlus asinus)
National food Bagels
National drink So-Saran juice
National tree

The Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan, a new state on Benacia proclaimed in 1671 by Nathan II, Duke of Modan-Malarboria. It seeks a friendly and mutual independence from Shirekeep during the Kalirion Fracture. It controls most of the county of Lachmodan and claims the So-Saran archipelago.


A constitutional monarchy, modeled off the Natopian system, was established for the new kingdom. A legislature, The Fury, is composed of representatives elected from each of Drak-Modan's 400 electoral districts. The Fury elects from its own membership a Chancellor as presiding officer. The Chancellor of Drak-Modan then appoints a cabinet of Ministers for various portfolios, including security, immigration, and national development. Early discussions are already underway to secure the services of renowned parliamentarian, Tinker Sprocket to preside over the Fury on a daily basis. The King officially handles foreign affairs, judicial courts, and the military by appointing Secretaries to these offices. In practice, however, the king would nominate a Governor-General of Drak-Modan on advice of the Chancellor to fulfill the requirements of the king. The Governor-General would sit on the supreme court, set diplomatic policy, and command the Drak-Modanese Defense Force at the pleasure of the King, Chancellor, and Fury.

Royal Court

These secretaries and subordinates constitute the Royal Court of Drak-Modan. The first royal court consisted of many Natopians, Iserdians from Smjorkyr, and Draconians from Ynnraile. Following the Bovinist Schism of 1676 the Royal Court began to include more native southern Benacians.

Role Holder Tenure
Governor-General Genya Vaska 1676-
Herbert Q. Washington 1671-1676
Secretary for Foreign Affairs Leopold Jorvikson 1671-
Secretary for Defense Gen. Heidi Drachli (Ret.) 1671-
Secretary for Legal Affairs Alya Dunyasha 1676-
Dr. Percival Johansson 1671-1676

The Chancellery

After the elections of 1676, Teimuraz named many right-wing politicians to his cabinet, while retaining Tinker Sprocket as Speaker on the condition that he maintain his political neutrality.

Role Holder Tenure
Chancellor Davit Teimuraz 1676-
Kamil Gavrilov 1671-1676
Speaker of the Fury Tinker Sprocket 1671-
Minister of Justice Dr. Alyosha Markov 1676-
Amina Tazieff, Esq. 1671-1676
Minister of Security Ira Rasputin 1676-
Tasha Yakhin 1671-1676
Minister of Information Arkhip Filippov 1676-
Arslan Djangirov 1671-1676


Drak-Modan is a unitary state, and local governments are devolved from the central government. There are four demesnes of the kingdom, Capeshire, Kizshire, Sehmlshire, and So-Sara. Capeshire, Kizshire, and Sehmlshire are subdivided from the former Shirerithian county of Lachmodan. Kizshire and Sehmlshire are named for the two Kaisers from the Line of Drak: Kaiseress Kizzy and Kaiser Sehml.

A system of nobility, honors, and peerages is being considered by the Fury to give the king additional tools in securing allies and friends on the continent. Under such a system, a ceremonial duke would be appointed over each demesne.

Reasons for Independence

The rapid fracturing of the Duchy of Modan & Malarboria, a gift from Ayreon IV to Natopian Emperor Nathan II, prompted the Emperor to make a direct claim to the core territory of the duchy and areas of significance to both his family and Natopian history. The entire duchy split apart at its seams almost instantly: the RIB encroaching in the west, the Black Legion asserting control in Malarboria, Laqi revolutions in Amarr, and the sudden resurgence of Yardistan's thirst for annexation. The Duchy of Modan & Malarboria was thought to be a secure and personal investment in the prosperity of Shireroth, Natopia's longtime ally. Natopia had come to rely on Shireroth's military acumen and tradition. The sudden loss of almost all of the duchy, and the possibility of a dramatic or total reduction of Shirekeep's power, was a direct threat to Natopia's security and Nathan II saw the independence of Lachmodan and So-Sara as the only viable solution to maintaining the strength (or at least some semblance of it) of the Raspur Pact's military hegemony over the western hemisphere, which is the cornerstone of Natopia's defense strategy. Remnants of the ducal militia, under orders from the duke quickly secured population centers in Lachmodan, as Nathan II issued a public declaration in Drakorda calling for the peaceful and mutual independence of Drak-Modan from the rapidly fracturing Imperial Republic. The newly self-proclaimed King promised the residents of Lachmodan and So-Sara security and prosperity as a closely allied and supported state of Natopia. The islands of So-Sara are disputed with Yardistan.

Claims to Legitimacy

The government of the Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan is built off of the remnants of the ducal administration of the duchy of Modan & Malarboria. It derives the authority to govern from the duke being the last appointed Shirerithian duke to rule and Nathan II's status as Heir to the Line of Drak, a Shirerithian bloodline with two kaisers, Sehml and Kizzy, that claims descent from Loki I and ancestors in the So-Saran archipelago.

Foreign Policy

The tense situation on Benacia has made foreign policy a top priority. Drak-Modan is reliant upon support from Natopia, and in turn, is mostly aligned with Natopian foreign policy, including relations with other Raspur Pact members. Drak-Modan cannot currently afford to enter politics beyond Benacia's coast. Drak-Modan follows a One Kaiser Policy, where it rejects any state or group that does not recognize Salome Ayreon-Kalirion as the sole Kaiseress of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth.

In 1678, after the 1678 Sanaman coup d'état, the overthrown Sanaman government relocated to Drak-Modan to form a government in exile. This naturally strained relations.

In 1878, the Batavian king and queen divorced, ending the familiar relationship between Drak-Modan and Batavia/Francia. Clara Sundara Waffel-Paine, the ex-Batavian queen, established herself in Drak-Modan as a vocal critic of Batavian hegemony over western Benacia.

Rasur Pact allies on Benacia:

  • Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Imperial Regency): Friendly, supports Kaiseress Salome.
  • Elwynn: Friendly, supports claim to Agnesia/Wintergleam, Cape Farewell, Cimmeria
  • Sovereign Confederation: Friendly
  • Unified Governorates: Friendly, supports claims to Mishalan and RIB-occupied zones
  • Ransenar: Supports claims over Verionist Republic

Raspur Pact allies:

  • Natopia: In a personal union, Natopian culture, religion, investments, and immigration have shaped Drak-Modan into a junior partner, heavily dependent upon the larger state.
  • Constancia: An Imperial Constancian Embassy was established at Drakorda in 1676 [2]. This was nothing more than the diplomatic upgrading of the former Royal Constancian Consulate-General to the former Imperial Republic of Shireroth.
  • Wechua
  • Eklesia

Non-Pact, Friendly:





The military of the Kingdom is the Drak-Modani Defense Force, with the King of Drak-Modan serving as Grand Commander of the Defense Force and the Secretary for Defense serving as operational leader. The DMDF is composed of the loyal units of the Modan and Malarboria Ducal Militia. The DMDF is expected to easily be reconfigured into the unified command structure of the remaining units of the Raspur Pact's Benacia Command.

Uniforms of the DMDF, designs based on ease of integration into and with NDF forces.


The culture of the new kingdom is in flux, but the king has expressed his desire to Bovinize and Natopianize the former counties of Lachmodan and So-Sara to ensure the population supports the independent kingdom and its incorporation into the Raspur Pact. The process of Natopianization will take into account and respect local customs and be mainly limited to administration. The king and his advisers are keen to avoid comparisons to the process of Froyalanization that devastated Elwynn.

Nathan II has stated plans to send his youngest son, John Hilding Waffel-Paine, to grow up in Drakorda, possibly serving as the Governor-General when he comes of age and possibly inheriting the kingdom from Nathan II. In 1673, the youngest son of the Natopian emperor was sent to live in Drakorda, so he could grow up in the Modani manner. His father gave him the title Crown Prince of Drak-Modan to signify his future role as king.

Uncertainty in Iserdia, Ynnraile, and Demonsfall, the parts of Shireroth with significant populations with Natopian heritage, coupled with the unambiguous goals of establishing a Natopian client state on Benacia, has caused Tapferite-Iserdians and Draconian-Ynnraillis to migrate to Drak-Modan as a safe haven for the Natopian diaspora on Benacia.


The process of Bovinization will allow the once-tolerated Capric rite established under Demon-Queen Kizzy of Malarboria to flourish and receive official promotion from the Dozan Bovic Church. The Benacian Bovic Church of the Capric Rite will be headquartered in Drakorda and local congregations will be given loans by the government to build church buildings in each city.

The new Benacian Bovic Church was established under the Patriarch of Drakorda and has separated from the Dozan Church.


More maps to come.

The maritime claims of Drak-Modan and its neighbors.